Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory by Caitlin Doughty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Really enjoyed this one. I have been following Caitlin Doughty's 'Ask a Mortician' YouTube series for a few years now and always loved her 'death positivity' and the way she shared information and her thoughts on the death industry. Her book was terribly informative but also very humorous and real. She has such a passion for her profession and the people/bodies she takes care of it comes across throughout the entire book. Parts of the book were really gross, lots of details on embalming and cremation, but humorous anecdotes that reminds you even in the death industry you have to find things to laugh about. Caitlin is also the founder of 'The Order of the Good Death' a community of morticians, doctors, artists, and death positivity folks who want to help get away from the commercialization of the industry, as is said many times in the book and it's horrifying to me, but death is big business and big money. So the Order wants to make it more personalized and let the family be involved again, all things that do sound lovely.

I've pretty much wanted to be cremated since college when I took a 'Death and Dying' class but just because you're cremated doesn't mean there aren't pre-cremation services, viewings or rituals that could take place. So while I know this is probably a touchy subject to a lot of people and most people wouldn't want to read a book like this around the holidays, I really enjoyed it and don't get scared talking or thinking about it. If you've ever been interested or just have a morbid curiosity about cremation, mortuary scienty, or why a young woman from Hawaii would choose to go into the death business after getting a liberal arts degree then I'd say pick it up, you might like it.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Review: Pretty Girls: A Novel

Pretty Girls: A Novel Pretty Girls: A Novel by Karin Slaughter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Suspenseful! I was so nervous after the first 100 pages. The rest of the book made me anxious! I was reading so fast I know I skipped over a lot of stuff. It's been a while since i was so anxious to read a book I probably skimmed over a lot of it. I read it all I did but I was reading so fast because I just had to know what happened. This was a great suspenseful mystery. Not all mysteries are suspenseful but this one was. As is well known on Goodreads I greatly dislike books that go back and forth between narrators in most cases it really pisses me off. In this case however it didn't. The story was told from the point of view of two sisters living the same time frame and interacting. It was also broken up with letters from their father. The narrators were not unreliable- thank god, I'm over that female trope- but they were very different. We didn't so much see inside their heads as much as we lived their dialogue. This was a book that the story took place in the dialogue instead of the behind the scenes things. I read fast between the dialogue- the spoken words were the important things. I do feel this book was a bit too long, there were lots of moments where things seemed to drag, I found myself screaming at the horribly stupid characters in my mind. OMG what is wrong with you, why are you doing this by yourself have someone help you! But it was still great and a good way to end my 40 books for the year. I checked this book out digitally from my library and love that. I've read a bunch of good library books this year. I'm not done reading but my challenge is over. I'm glad it ended with a good suspenseful novel like this.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History

Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History by Erik Larson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is a reason I studied history in college. I just love a good story and history is filled with them! Scary stories, stories that tell us where we've been and where we could be again if we don't freakin' learn our lessons. This book was amazing. It was the story of one man's complete belief in his way and that his way was right. About another man who wanted to find out more, why, how. About stupid American politicians who didn't want to listen to foreigners because they were right...seriously listen to the people who have been there longer than you....uhg history! It's about learning to not dismiss amateurs cause sometimes they get things right. It's about trusting your gut, listening to your wife, getting away from the freakin' water- omg the water is coming towards you go the other way! It's about learning from your mistakes and trying to figure out what more could be done. It's just a really good book.

Now this is Erik Larson's first book of this kind- where he takes a subject researching all the moving pieces and puts together a story out of it- I believe and so it's not as detailed as some of his later works, but it's still so good! It was fascinating to hear how the weather bureau was founded, about the signal corps, how weather stations were originally set up and where. It was also cool to see how if things had happened just slightly different Galveston would have been "Houston"- if that was the case maybe I'd hate Houston a little less today... I just really enjoyed it. I don't know a lot of weather and meteorology and storms but now I have an interest.

Another thing this book gave me was a new irrational fear to add to my list! Drowning inside my own house! OMG how awful that must have been! Again hopefully I will never live by the sea but if I do if water is slowly coming up to my house over you know a 12 hour period...I would go in the direction AWAY from the water...that makes sense right? Loved this book. I recommend to anyone who list history, to any Texan, for anyone who hates Houston (or Galveston), for anyone who loves Houston (or Galveston) and for anyone who has ever lived by a body of water...yep.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Review: This is the Story of a Happy Marriage

This is the Story of a Happy Marriage This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was about to say this book only made me cry three times but then I read the last page. Goodness this woman is a wonderful writer- storyteller and has had a very interesting life. I've never read any of Ann Patchett's novels and this is a collection of Essays she's written over her time as a writer. They cover everything from school, friendships, marriage(s), nuns and dogs. This book has been on my to read list for two years and I'm glad I read it now instead of when I added it. I don't think I would have seen it the same way.

My favorite essays are "The Sacrament of Divorce", "The Right to Read", "Introduction to The Best American Short Stories of 2006", "The Bookstore Strikes Back", "This is the Story of a Happy Marriage" and "The Mercies". Honorable mention to all the ones about her dogs- omg the tears and the ones about her grandmother. There's a lot of good stuff in here.

Several of her essays address the readers specifically and I loved a quote where she said that once the book is in the readers hand the author should stay out of it cause the relationship is now between the book and the reader not the author and the reader. I agree! I've always felt bad for authors who get pestered about their characters after the book is finished, if they'd had more to say don't you think they would have written more? Tangent.

Anyways I liked this book a lot and would recommend it. I'm not sure if I'll read any of her novels, I'm such a fan of her essays now I want more of those- she talked about how her novels are all made up stuff and her essays were written because she was trying to make a living as a writer so I don't know...

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review: Wind/Pinball: Two Novels

Wind/Pinball: Two Novels Wind/Pinball: Two Novels by Haruki Murakami
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So basically Murakami has always been amazing. These were his first two books/novellas really and they were amazing. I loved it! It's like seeing him find his voice and style as a writer. This is the first time these we published in mass in English and I'm so happy to have been able to read them finally! There's also a super cool introduction where Murakami talks about how he initially wrote in Japanese but didn't like it so he then wrote it in English and translated it into Japanese! How cool is that! He said once he did that he liked his writing much more. He started writing after going to a baseball game and just had the thought that one day he'd be a famous writer, so he better start now. At the time he and his wife owned a jazz bar! He's just fascinating I need to read his memoir too, but I just loved these stories and love his writing.

All the usual Murakami themes and motifs are there- music, a story inside a story, women who are smarter than men, men who are absolutely useless and way too old to be going through identity crisis, cats, weird sex dreams, other literary references (quotes, retelling of other's stories, reading at all), minimalist stuff (apartments, design), trains, and food- eating always plays a role. It's just so fun to see these things told over and over again and it never seems repetitive or boring.

This books fits in the larger scheme of his Rat stories. A character without a name but Rat, who effects other's lives without really living his own, or by just being passive in his own. The first book he was just a side character and in the second I'm not even sure who he was. But that doesn't take away from anything.

If you've never read Murakami and are wanting to get into it I still highly suggest Norwegian Wood as your first, but these as a close second because if you don't like this you're probably not going to like where Murakami goes in his late works either. YAY!!!

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Most Murakami books I only want to read once, I'd read them again if I could read them for the first time again but I can't. I think this one I could read again. The coming of age story of a 36 year old man. Tsukuru is haunted by the abandonment of his best friends 16 years earlier, his entire adulthood was shaped by the fact that they left him without reason. It wasn't until a girlfriend told him he deserved to know why that he finally decided to get to the root of the problem. The first half of the book focuses on the time right after his friends left him in flash backs between high school, college and present. The second half is his journey to track down his old friends and ask them why. Through the asking of why he learns more about him self and the world than he had in the previous 16 years.

It was really good. It has all of Murakami's regular characters- music, whiskey, fixation on breasts, dreams, and trains. All of Murakmai's books feel very comfortable because you know all those things will be there. Another thing that's always there is the sad and kinda pathetic male character. A male character without any really outstanding characteristics. Plain, boring men. Men with jobs and good lives all around but nothing exceptional about them. Meeting them once you would't remember them- Tsukuru is no exception here. Why did his friends find him such good company? Why does his girlfriend like him so much? He leads such a boring life and has literally NO INTERESTS. Then there are the women in Murakami's stories that are always so damaged- there's always a woman with some sort of mental illness or a woman who has been damaged by men- always. In fact mental illness does seem to always be involved too- depression, suicide.

I loved the book, it was not a feel good book. It wasn't a horribly depressing book either. Also spoiler alert- the ending is very unsatisfying but I don't think there was another way out that would have left me satisfied. Another book that just makes me want to read more. I found this one light enough to where I don't feel like I need 6 months off Murakami like I did with 1Q84 and Wind Up Bird...those took a toll on my mind...

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mid Year Book Report 2015

I would say my reading dramatically increased the year I got my Nook and Joined Goodreads.

Guess what year I'm talking 2008 I actually ready 15 books but that was also the year I started grad school.  So at the end of 2009 I bought my first of many nooks and joined Goodreads in the Summer of 2010.

But this isn't about my Goodreads love affair which I'm sure I've talked about before...but my book reading this year a little past the half way point. And I will kinda compare it to previous years...

So every year I set a reading challenge. For a few years it was 50+ and I hit it but these last two years I've brought it down a little. Last year just to 30 (which was a very surprising sprint for me at the end I didn't think I'd make it) and this year back up a little to 40.  As you can see I'm behind. Why am I so behind? It's driving me nuts! But I'm in a book rut. I can't find things I want to read. I can't find as many book that I can just read in 2-3 days because they're than enrapturing.  I remember in 2012 and 2013 I would just put books away! I could devour two books a weekend and I just found so much I really wanted to read.  This year that just has not been the case.  I'll start a book get about 50-75 pages into it and just give up, can't finish it, it refuses to hold my attention.  I feel like the few books I have read have taken me very little time because they were fast paced and fairly easy.  So lets break down what I've read so far.

Out of 13 books only two 5 Star books.  BOTH non-fiction. And one I didn't even read I listened to the audio book of. It was an amazing audio book, but an audio book non the less.  Next we have a good number of 4 Star books. We have a leadership book, 4 alien/dystopian/other worldy books, a crime fiction book and then a general fiction.  None of these books were 5 star material but they all were good and I enjoyed them for what they were. Oooh one of those kinda alien books in that group is totally a short story that doesn't belong here but is here because I finished it...ooops. If I hit my goal I'll figure out a way to remove it later. 3 Star books are just average to me, I didn't hate them and I don't regret reading them but they're just like eh they're there.  I have a Liane Moriarty fun not-yo-mama's chick lit style book and then a YouTube personalities book...both were delightful and I think of them both fondly but just 3 stars.  The the last book is a 2 star. I hated this book. I'm upset I wasted a week reading it. Everyone else in the world loves this book but I did not. A Girl on a Train...uhhg.

Three out of these 13 are audio books and that's okay. I like audio books when I drive back and forth to San Antonio and I have done that A LOT this year. I'm surprised there isn't another one in there... oh there is 4 audio books- good job. So that helps, I'll probably knock out another 2-3 books via audio book before the year is through.

Looking at the books like this none of them seem to go together, I don't have a cohesive theme or trend. I don't every year but some years I do- some years I read a lot of Mysteries or a lot of Sci-Fi and some years it's just all over the place. I think if I had one theme that I just was really enjoying at the moment I could read book after book like that but I'm not.  There has actually only been one book that I just had to get back to and needed to know the ending of and I was pretty bummed when it was over.  But I usually look forward to reading and starting new books and this year I'm just blah. I choose to vedge and watch TV or YouTube instead of reading...hopefully it's just a half year funk...and I'll snap out of it soon.

PS Something I'll probably write about a little more at the end of the year is how I remember books a few months after reading them.  I've been looking back on how I rated books last year or the year before and wonder why I gave it such a lot rating when I remember it so fondly and recommend it to everyone! I think sometimes when I review a book immediately after I finish it I'm more critical vs if I let it sit a while and then think back on how the book made me feel.  Anyways more to come on that.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

May the Fourth- Star Wars Original Trilogy: Jedi

Last weekend I did this > Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Monday I did this > Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Blog Post

Wednesday I did this > Star Wars Original Trilogy: Empire

And tonight- Friday I'm doing this!

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Released: May 25, 1983
Rated: PG

And we start off with some poor Imperial worker getting the shit scared out of him when Vader comes and tells him the Emperor is coming.
Then R2-D2 and C-3PO go to see Jabba 
Yah you suck at rescuing people Leia....but that's okay.
Luke shows up- full Jedi knight now apparently...delusions of grandeur yada yada yada 
The one guy's sad that he killed his monster creature.
Everyone looks older...
Awww the redesigned Sarlacc creature.... so sad....what was wrong with the gaping hole with teeth?
Does everyone enjoy Lando as much as I do? I hope so
37 minutes in, no clear drinking game identified...
Hey it's the Emperor. Does he has a cane?
And yay Luke keeps his promises! But sad cause Yoda dies...or returns to the force or whatever he said in Episode I...
Everytime someone dies? Lots of people die in this one right?
44 minutes in seriously bored...
Didn't I used to like Return of the Jedi? Okay fine I still like it, but...
Oh good, ghosty force Obi-Wan...let's have a heart to heart
Yah Luke call him on his bullshit
Obi-Wan takes all the credit what about Qui-Gon/Aslan/Zeus/Ra's
Yay Admiral Ackbar!
"Good luck, you're gonna need it" - I say this all the time and no one gets the makes me so sad. My dad does...
PAUSE... we interrupt this viewing to go Paint with a Twist...
Okay, we're back and Chewie is flying casually...
My dad's dogs are about to make their debut! Shitzu's make adorable rebels!
So Stormtroops can't shoot or what are they good for again? I feel like they were so much more competent when they were the Jedi's Clone Army...
I mean they did rescue the Jedi forces several times... then the Empire takes them over and the suck, besides their quantity.
Seriously Mark Hamill looks old...
I agree with R2 it is pretty there.
Oooh look it's the Ewoks!
They're just to cute to be anything else. Adorable, I just want to cuddle one! But then I remember they're people in suits...and that's not okay.
Poor Han so worried about Leia...poor Leia so trusting of small woodland animals...
Lol, yes Chewie because something dead in a tree is the perfect thing to mess with!
EWOKS! Lots of them!
I like the pretty grey haired one...
So like all of the Cannibal Scene in the 3rd or 2nd Pirates movie is taken from here right? Which Pirates was that? At World's End? I think so...or Dead Man's Chest...dammit I get those confused.
And they're able to immediately make clothes appropriate for Leia...
Awwww the baby Ewok is adorable.
Shock em R2! Get 'em!
She died when you were born! That's like really very young not just regular young...
Oooh I wonder if in the new trilogy Leia will be a Jedi too! Oooh!
Vader is so totally slacking on the killing...geesh...
Did any other Jedis wear black besides Anakin? I don't remember seeing any of the others besides father and son...
Don't you bring Obi-Wan into this!
Uuhhg still 30 more minutes...I'm over this. I'll finish it in the morning...
Okay last time...
So why does Vader have to pick up the Emperor, why didn't he use the Force or a light saber...
Use the Force Luke your dad is mostly machine and heavy...
Also why does Vader die so easily when everyone else lives forever it seems? Is he dying of a broken heart like his wife?
So how does Luke know that Jedis are burned? Seriously does he just like know Jedi shit and not have to be taught?
Will he teach his sister? I have so many questions!
Also when you kill the Stormtrooper/Clones leader how do they know who to follow?
Also the new clips at the end piss me off still...All of them.

So these movies are just fun. Good entertainment, okay story, but really fun. I love the cheeseyness of them after being on the shelf for 30ish years so it's just fun. I enjoyed this whole re-wartch from the Prequels to the Original and am looking forward to the December release of the new ones! Although I'm a little disappointed it's not may when the other 6 were all released in May...I think that was cool. Now to get back to studying for my LSAT in less than a month now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May the Fourth- Star Wars Original Trilogy: Empire

Monday I did this > Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Blog Post

Now two days later I'm doing this. I can't not finish a project once I start!!!!

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Released: May 21, 1980
Rated: PG

I've mentioned this before but Star Wars especially Empire Strikes Back always makes me think of Clerks! And the Clerks cartoon- it's Hoth Cold also what about those independent contractors. Anyways like the others I'm going to take this whole blogging thing very seriously and share my thoughts as we go along. Warning I had a long day and my wine glass is very very full, I'm using the medium size glass tonight, I have normal, medium and large (the large holds a full bottle...we're not there yet).  Let's watch!

Scrolling words again...
Oooh look doesn't start with a battle- yay!
Oh wait did they say why we're on Hoth? How they got to Hoth? I should start paying attention
Drinking game? Every time someone references the cold? or Skywalker...hmmmm choices
Yah cause building a tent in that is going to be easy...
Rouge 2 is super excited to claim that he found them
Shoot it! Shoot it!
Maybe I don't really understand military strategy- okay I know I don't understand military strategy- but I feel like this is a bad one- like in the early episodes of Battlestar Galactica when they just kept jumping till the were found- is that what the rebels are doing? Sad.
Why do people keep arguing with Vader? When will they learn?
Why are the explosions green and pink?
Dagobah (yes I looked up how to spell it) is kinda boring... I'm trying to remember the Eddie Izzard Star Wars jokes, they always cracked me the f' up.
The Empire is British and the Rebels are American...Accents are so very special.
Man Luke's little fighter carried so much stuff!
Oh old Yoda- it's so weird seeing him like this right after the prequels.
I happen to like nice men? Keep telling yourself that Leia- Leia lies!
Poor worm doesn't get to eat today.
My cats have abandoned the cause...
Oh no Bobba Fett's voice is different on my DVDs it's one of the dubbed ones- sad day! Empire and Jedi are the most obnoxious of the remastered ones...uuuuhg already dreading seeing Hayden at the end of Jedi NOOOOOO!
Everytime the Force is Strong is mentioned! (Hoth drinking game is no longer working- an hour in clearly)
Is it time to go to Cloud City yet? - also dude why is yoda's mouth like neon green?
YES Vader Death!!!! Everybody drink!
Handstands always help me use the force too. Seriously though Yoda's green is very inconsistent... very distracting it is
Also Empire isn't as long as Episode II & III but I feel like it tells more stories without annoying me as much- like this whole Cloud City story is my favorite!
Poor 3PO. Hi Vader.
At least they brought 3PO's parts to Chewie in jail.
Yah Lando we really shouldn't make deals with Vader...never a good idea.
Han you look pretty good for someone who has just been tortured.
Oh good Han is going to share his true feelings with Leia soon.
And douche.
It's nice how carbonite floats so easily through hallways.
Oooh it's a trap another good drinking game!
Oh another Force wine glass is getting empty
Awww that's nice Boba calls him Captain Solo.
Oh good R2 just do some spins right in the middle of the fire...seriously
Lol, Luke sucks at deflecting flying objects
R2 gets electrocuted a lot, maybe that's why he spins in the face of laser fire...
3PO isn't as punny as he was in Episode III
Father son time! And my favorite Empire meme!!!
I think we'll just end it with that...
I always laugh when Vader sees the Falcon fly away and turns back to see who's to blame. I crack up.
Vader death? We can only assume.
Much fancier artificial hand than his dad got.
The end. Till Friday and I'll watch Jedi. 

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Released: May 25, 1983
Rated: PG
To be watched...

Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth- Star Wars Original Trilogy

May the Fourth be with you. And also with you.

I don't know how old I was when my dad introduced these to me, but I do know it was before I was in middle school and we watched them whenever they were on TV. Haley had them on VHS and would sometimes let me borrow them...sometimes. We saw most of them together when they were re-released in the theaters. I know Hail and I saw them all together but I think dad came to Empire and Jedi...not positive unfortunately.  So daddy and Hail are super excited about the new film next December, I'd told them they need to prepare for the midnight showing because dammit we're not ruining our perfect score now. But Hail would need a baby sitter and dad's we'll see if that actually happens- fingers crossed.

Now I probably last watched them the first summer I was in College Station, I usually like to binge these during the summer, so it's been a few years. I watched part of New Hope a few months ago when it was on TV and I always catch Jedi at really random times on Sunday mornings when it's on, but all as a group it's been probably 2 years. So excited to watch them together.  So let's get started.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Released: May 25, 1977
Rated: PG

During Thoughts:
Oh god, just google Star Wars memes and enjoy your life for the next ten minutes...this is what I was doing during the opening text...I'm good I've got the gist.
It's sad to play Star Wars drinking games alone...I need some of that cat wine from Japan...
okay I need to take this more seriously- hey didn't we start the last episode like this? with a battle? yes, yes we did. right before we met Gievous!
OMG that one storm trooper totally looked like he was going to trip over the fake dead body!
No one has learned to shoot better in all these years? Why wouldn't they train the clones to be better marksmen? Isn't that a thing the cloners could breed into them? this is my question.
First Vader death? take a drink? Every time 3PO sounds worried?
Wow does Carrie Fisher look young! Oh yah...she was a Senator?
Tatooine looks much more orange in this one...
That storm trooper looks so beat up! It's kinda sad. Hmmm I wonder why they never take off their helmets in the original series, I mean good for the series because unlike Palpatine I doubt Jengo could reverse age...
Awwww Luke's theme!
'No I don't like you either.' I need to start telling people that...
Much less attracted to Obi-Wan in this movie...
Stop lying Obi-Wan- he was a shitty friend, he never listened to you
Lol, again with the civilized light saber, lol
Vader death two! Everybody drink! Dammit...false alarm...stop drinking...this drinking game sucks- if I'd gone with C-3PO's worrying we'd be half way drunk by now...
Fire just doesn't seem like the Storm Trooper way...why fire?
Yay! Scum and villainy! Also the foundation for my favorite Star Wars Meme ever!
Oooh Chewie's at the bar! 48 minutes in finally some Ford ...let's celebrate!
OMG maybe Hayden wasn't such a bad actor- Mark is just as bad a surly teen! Uhg his whiney voice...
Awww Jabba...I miss my frogs...both died too soon. Jabba and Pickles.
Do they keep calling the force Religion in the next two movies? I don't feel like they do...we'll see because I'm very curious about that now
OMG the bad effects when the Death Star starts pulling the Millennium Falcon in...were they literally standing outside the set shaking it?
Ooops I started googling stuff about The Magicians that was picked up by SyFy my bad...
1.16 in Aren't you a little short to be a Stormtrooper
Again they train princesses/queens very well in this galaxy because they all know how to shoot- seriously is this a part of diplomatic training?
Ooooh how about every time someone says they have a bad feeling about this?!? I feel like we've had several of those...Vader doesn't seem in the mood to kill people today...
I love how 'advanced' the Death Star is but it just takes Obi-Wan a few pulls of some levers and handles to shut down some things...
Oooh I like how Padme's hood was very similar to Leia's- but Padme showed her stomach and her gown was blue but still the hood is exactly the same! I promise...
PS I've moved on to wine glass 3...just in case my typing gets sloppier than usual...
Again with the precarious internal heights...
Uhhhg. Obi-Wan's about to die isn't he...
Every time.
They all look so young!
Luke you are a child, stop crushing on your sister, Solo is clearly the better choice.
Oh look he's going to use the force soon...are their fewer British rebels in these episodes?
I'm kinda bad at focusing on movies when I'm by myself...
So I do like that Episode One chose to parallel Episode Four in the endings that's kinda cool...okay done with IV tomorrow we'll do V

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Released: May 21, 1980
Rated: PG
To be watched...

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Released: May 25, 1983
Rated: PG
To be watched...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

May the Fourth- Star Wars Binge- Episodes 1 - 3

I've missed movie blogging. It was a good month off. I meant to beauty blog more...but that so didn't happen...I got like two maybe 3 blogs out.  But that's okay. So I've been debating what should be my next movie blog and what I should pick and then all of a sudden May is here! Monday is May the Fourth and in honor I've decided to Star Wars binge this weekend- in-between cleaning and practicing my LSAT Logic Problems.

I'm a Star Wars fan thanks to my dad, it's all his fault. I saw the rereleased original trilogy in the theaters in Middle School with my dad and sister. I'd seen them before that of course, but it was super fun to see them on the big screen...then all the new ones. Now I know there's a lot of debate in how you should watch Star Wars and I try to ignore all of that. I just go 1 - 6. Usually napping for a few hours during Episode 2 and waking up with it still on- seriously this is a thing you can do- it's hella long. So let's start with the 1 - 3 the new trilogy and what lots of people wish never happened. Whatever I don't care. I enjoy them and was super excited standing in line for all the midnight premieres with my sister. I don't care if you hate them yes there's crappiness in them but there's also Natalie Portman- so I rest my case. Let's go!

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 

Released: May 19th, 1999
Rated: PG
Staring: Natalie Portman, Liam Neeson, and Ewan McGregor (yay)

I remember when this movie came out. I remember before when the music video for the score was first released and I was so excited waiting for it.  The music was choral and loud and threatening and amazing.  I mean duh John Williams in Abbey Road. I remember standing in line with Haley and her boyfriend at the time starting at like 8:30 in the evening for the midnight showing. I didn't hate it. I loved it and was so excited for the ones that followed- go ahead judge away.

But I remember everything leading up to the movies and being so excited, the posters, the previews, the interviews the tv spots. I remember it all so fondly. I don't watch Episode 1 & 2 very often...maybe once every two years? Episode 3 is great for when I want to cry- I don't care how many times I see it no mater how much I'm dissatisfied with the acting it still makes me cry...dammit Natalie. So it's been a few years since I saw this one probably... So sure overall episodes 1 - 3 are disappointing but it hasn't lessened my love of the original three nor my excitement for the new-new ones.  But I always reserve the right to be snarky...

During Thoughts:
Oooh Natalie Portman you're so fabulous- but dislike the fake deep voice...stop that
Oh god all the quotable lines...
Ooooh what was the drinking game we used to play with this one? Episode 5 was drinking every time they say Skywalker (you're drunk in 10 minutes) and Episode 2 was drink every time Hayden tried to act tortured...hmmm
Yah just walk into the water with your cloaks on and pretend you look's cool we'll wait.
Oooh yah it was Natalie Portman costume changes! Not as good as the other drinking games but still fun...
I love how stupid the droids are in this one...they pretty much suck you can trick them far too easily.
Hey look it's that one guy!
Hey R2
Oh no...child actors...some things you can't teach...uuuhg
Oh so earnest... I'm a person...
Yippee was a poor choice...
Immaculate conception!
I find the actual pod race is kinda boring...maybe that's why I don't watch this movie that often.
Oh god the bad acting by that child...seriously...
Dian McDiarmid! I'm always shocked that he was able to play his role after all the years.
Yoda...did not un-age well...he looks better in episode II.
Samuel Mother Fuckin' L- you do you.
Oh that hair looks painful Padme
OOOH this is how the music video started...then the choir came in...
The droid carriers remind me of chair how you stack them all together and then roll them around...anyone? anyone? just me.
Sith time. Also means dramatic choir time.
And precarious heights for no reason time...this is common in all 6...well there's kinda a reason...death is the reason.
Padme is really resourceful for a queen- how does she know how to shoot a gun and grapple hook things? Did she grow up as a diplomat's daughter?
Noooooooo! Why do the always die in really bad ways?!? Like they're awesome with their lightsabers and they like forget to shield and then they're dead? It's so annoying.
You too Sith- really y'all suck at defending yourselves...but I do like the cut completely in half unlike Qui-Gon
Always two there are...then we pan to you Palpatine because everyone knows!
Haha this makes me remember the Robot Chicken with Little Hitler and Little Palpatine...anyone else remember those?

After Thoughts: Okay that one is pretty painful, I'll give you that. It's really really really hard to take seriously. Natalie Portman is flawless. Ewan McGregor is concerned. Baby Anakin is annoying as hell, but mostly because the kid is trying so hard to's terrible.  The council is annoying as in all these movies because DO YOUR JOB! But still entertaining. Looking forward to my nap in Episode Two, but first I need to do some logic problems and start the laundry...

Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones

Released: May 16th, 2002
Rated: PG
Staring: Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, and Hayden Christensen

So this one is supposed to be the love story. This is where we're supposed to see Natalie Portman and Hayden Christiansen fall in love...I don't see it. I can see Natalie trying, but there's just a lack of chemistry...I feel like it's' a little better in the 3rd movie but we'll find out soon enough.

So I didn't take my nap, I did watch a good amount of this movie because it is just so so so much better than Episode 1. There are still many laughable moments and Anakin's acting does not get better with age or new actor. He is such a sulky teenager in this. And his anger is frequently more funny than serious or threatening.

So this is also the movie they try to make it really clear that he's got a dark side. His emotions always get in the way and he makes really poor choices. So basically they make it very clear that doing things based on what you want is selfish and is what makes people anytime Anakin does something because he loves Padme or wants to help Obi-Wan instead of doing his 'duty' he's leaning towards the dark side.

Ewan McGregor is awesome in this one too. He is much more fatherly and seems to be the most unmotivated by personal issues of all the Jedis.  I love the weird creatures he visits on the cloners planet, the cool guy with the mohawk is my favorite. Then of course there's Yoda's one time badass fight just looks so fake now...but I am glad they gave Yoda a facelift. I guess they just CGi'd him more instead of trying to use the puppet because he looks way better in this film.

So overall I just don't feel like this one is bad. I really like a lot of it. I think it foreshadows a lot. The acting still is sad and it could be about 22 minutes shorter and I'd be really happy.

Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

Released: May 19h, 2005
Rated: PG-13
Staring: Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, and Hayden Christensen

Okay last one of the new trilogy. Weird we're going to have another I guess this one will get changed to the Prequel Trilogy? Then the Original and then the new new trilogy?  Whatever. So this is the last one and I would normally say my favorite of the Prequels because I cry...but that's probably a poor thing to judge it on.  So let's see how it holds that I'm watching these I actually think I may have only watched them once since I moved here. Right before I read the Foundation Trilogy because had I watched this after I would have wanted to talk to someone about it so much.  Please someone talk to me about the Foundation books! Please!!!

Okay movie time.  I made myself some chicken, spinach and macaroni for the occasion...actually it's just what was easy. I spent the afternoon doing logic problems and my brain couldn't take anything complicated.

During Thoughts:
Should have watched the Clone Wars cartoons...the ones from when we were in high school...oh-well
Hold on Anakin you're going to get us both killed...not really his concern.
Okay the dying droid noise is a little too much...
Grievous!!! (yah I had to look up how to spell that) See how the hell are you supposed to know who he is without the Clone Wars cartoons?
R2 kill them all!
I find myself becoming more and more attracted to Obi-Wan as the movies progress...but I feel someone in real life with his hair and beard would not be as attractive...
He was an unarmed prisoner...low-blow.
C-3PO you're all clean and gold!
Leia buns! So in this movie Natalie seems to have reverse aged...well not her but the character Padme, she seems to be less mature and more stupid in love...blame it on the pregnancy?
Yoda and the Wookies! It always makes me smile.
41 minutes in first tears...dammit Obi-Wan- he will not let me down, he never has...  UUUHG
Oooh the cool lizard thing- I want one! He has feathers too!
So uncivilized...yes cause slicing off people's arms with light sabers.
Now everyone waits...poorly. Padme senses it. Anakin cries.
Samuel L's nose is flared meaning he's pissed.
God those Jedis suck if they can't last one minutes with Palpatine.
Uhhhg now he's going to go on about power, ultimate and supreme annoying...will someone kill him please.
And all I hear whenever anyone says the Force is strong with you is Eddie Izzard- how strong? As strong as a small
Okay this one is pretty long too...I still have an hour left? really? more wine.
Oh my poor lizard creature dies :( sad day. Yah yah and a bunch of Jedis.
Chewie saves Yoda. Awwww.
Noooooo - more tears I hate when Anakin kills the younglings...saddest day.
Padme's hair looks amazing. Why can't my hair look like that? Oh...yah cause her's is fake...
I love the old school wipe transitions...
And all the tears 1.35. Don't make Obi-Wan realize it was Anakin! Nooooo!
This is how liberty dies with thunderous applause. Pretty much...
Now for for more tears dammit Padme- and Obi-Wan!
Why does he always want to be more powerful than everyone? Like really you want to be more powerful than everyone why?
Oh yah- lust for power- thanks Obi-Wan
Good scoring, I do enjoy the use of themes in movies- do regular non genre movies do that?
When Obi-Wan says he's failed Anakin- oh god I die...
And back to being an angsty teen- I hate you! God grow up.
Oooh there's a little bit of Evita in that last theme...The choice was mine and mine Padme goes in and out of consciousness
Fun trivia how many movies has Natalie Portman been pregnant in? I don't know the answer...Two that I have...Where the Heart Is and this...both births were traumatic...
And now the sound we can all be grateful for

After Thoughts:

Yay! So I do no know and understand I have been wrong. Episode II is the best of the new trilogy. Episode III is fine it's just kinda one of those necessary movies to complete the story and so everything is getting tied up.  Also you know how it ends! And where it leads. And that is to someplace better.  Also Natalie Portman is an ugly crier...but we've always known that.

I appreciate this movie and this trilogy for the backstory. So it's not as good as the originals whatever it's still fun and entertaining and really what more are you looking for from a Space Opera?

Okay I'm done writing about this like I have any authority to. Tomorrow I'll watch A New Hope and probably start Empire...or I may just watch Clerks instead! Just kidding. Okay we'll continue this tomorrow on May the Fourth. Goodnight.

Friday, April 3, 2015

30 Movies in 30ish Days before 30: Final Thoughts

So....I did it! I successfully watched 30 movies form the 30 years I've been alive before I turned 30ish days. I got a 2ish day head start since I knew it would be a busy month.  But I did it! What a crazy and interesting and satisfying project.

So setting off on the project I was always excited about. I thought it'd be fun to see how poorly some movies aged, how poorly I remembered some movies and if I still liked the ones I thought I did.  For the most part there weren't a lot of surprises there either.  But about 7 movies in...I started to realized what I'd committed myself to. 30 is a lot of movies. It's 30...movies...none of the movies were under 90 minutes and several were over it was a COMMITMENT. I wrote 11 blog posts in March which is about 11 more than I'd been writing over the last few years. So the watching was time consuming and then the writing was even more so.  Some of the movies I found entertaining to liveblog my thoughts to - OMG there were some bad movies.  Other movies I watched with friends and their commentary was awesome.  Then some movies I was just kinda meh about and just wrote some closing thoughts to. I also ranked all the movies...did I not give any Cs? That's hard to imagine, apparently I'm not a very tough movie grader. I gave a lot of B-s and a lot of A-s not a lot of A+s though.  Anyways here are the movies that were selected.

One thing I was asked over and over again throughout this challenge was, "Is {insert weird movie title here" really your favorite movie from {insert year here}?" And the answer was always no. I don't think any of the movies I watched were actually my Favorite Movie for that year, but movies I really liked, thought were interesting, movies I remember scaring the Jeebus out of me, or just movies I had a specific memory or emotional attachment to.  I watch a lot of movies apparently so I also tried to pick movies I hadn't seen in a few years. That got more difficult after I passed 2010 but it was still fine.

I also ended up renting a lot of movies online. I only ended up having 14 of the ones I watched. Friends had a couple of them, but I had a bunch of free Google $ from my Chromecast but I did probably spend about $20-30 renting movies for this project as well.  There were some that were originally on the list that I'm bummer I couldn't find to rent. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead?!? Seriously how is that gem not available for rent! I also ended up buying a few movies during the project because I knew I wanted to own them anyway. Mitty and Big Hero 6 were on sale at Target so they entered my collection during the month.

I'm super thankful for my friends who put up with my movie project and constantly talking about movies and what it all meant to me because I'm sure it was a bit annoying.  But one of the things I've told everyone about after this was all said and done was how I didn't realize before this how much movies have been a part of my life. I always say I was really shaped by my books and music I listened to, but movies are there too.  I love movies like I love music and books, I really like the sad and depressing stuff.  I like the light bubblegum stuff here and there but when you ask me what my favorites are they're going to be a little darker and without a happy ending. Oh my gosh give me a movie without a happy ending and I am so excited.

Anyways it was a super fun project, no I will not be doing this in 10 years for 40. I have yet to watch another movie this week and it's felt kinda weird. I don't know if I'll watch one this weekend, I'm so movie'd out! But there were a bunch on my initial list that I didn't get to watch that I may sporadically watch but we'll see.  I did really enjoy blogging about movies, so I may try to blog more about some of the crap I watch we'll see.

Here's are the links to all the previous blogs!
Overview of the Project
My thoughts on Legend
1986-1989 Movies
1990-1993 Movies

****** Special Note on Legend because there has been some controversy as to when it was actually released. It was limited released in 1985 but wide released in 1986- So I counted it for 1985. It's my project I can do what I want :) Thanks. ***********

Sunday, March 29, 2015

2014: Big Hero 6 - the final movie!

Okay- we're there! The last movie.  After tonight I will have watched 30 movies in like 31ish days. Oh my goodness it was a lot of movies. But it was a super super fun project. I'll have a final wrap up blog either later tonight or tomorrow on my actual birthday- we'll see.  Thanks to all my friends that put up with me during this challenge and also kept reading my posts even when they went down hill...or very off topic :) Let's watch Big Hero 6!

2014: Big Hero 6

Movie Facts:
Directed by Chris Williams
Rated G
Genre: Disney Animation/Comic Book Movie
Tagline: (apparently none)
Lots of Voice Actors in this movie that I don't know based on name alone.

Before Movie Thoughts:
We are basically in the present now, I saw this movie last fall when it came out with my friend Casey. It was one of our early morning Sunday or Saturday movies. We tried to go before there were too many kids or families.  We failed.  But usually Casey falls asleep in our early morning movies, but she stayed awake this time! Partially maybe because I was sobbing like a baby through the whole thing. Oh my gosh this movie made me cry.  It's so good. I was really looking forward to it before we saw it and afterwards I just couldn't get over it, I just loved it. Like a lot of movies I couldn't wait for my nephew to see it too, I know he'll love it- hopefully his dad will share it with him soon- because it's a sweet fun action-y cartoon I know he'll love! It was funny, it was silly, it was sad and it was serious. I've only seen it the once and am so looking forward to watching it again. I basically knew from the beginning of this project that this would be my 2014 choice.

During Movie Thoughts:
I've never been to San Fransisco... or Tokyo
Also robots usually scare me- thanks Daniel H Wilson- but I like Baymax he's cute and I want to hug him
Neurotic Aunt is kinda annoying- I can't remember if she ever redeems herself...
BAYMAX!!!! Hi I want to hug you!
Stop whining- woman up. Oh Disney trying to be so progressive.
And fire and death...thanks Disney.
Diagnosis Puberty
I am not fast- no shit come on Baymax get your life together!
Low-Battery/Drunk Baymax is my favorite Baymax...
This armor may undermine my huggable nonthreatening design.
And the tears
OMG when Hiro loses Baymax his face looks like my nephew Isaac's! Oh god tears.
And a happy ending- yay. More tears.

After Movie Thoughts:
Didn't cry as much thing time. I cried more at the end when Baymax is trying to sacrifice himself- oh god the tears. Still really enjoyed it and thought it was just a lot of fun.  Good story. I think Hiro is a good representation of what it's like going through the grief process...minor the fighting robots and becoming a super hero thing. But I think you forget those things and lash out when grieving and luckily he had awesome friends around who understood that's why he was being a jerk. Baymax is awesome and I still just want to hug him. It's a sweet little cartoon and I hope my nephew likes it!

Tyler's Rating: A+

I'm glad my last movie was a happy ending one...considering that like the majority of my movies were not....Summary blog post to come...eventually.


Overview of the Project
My thoughts on Legend
1986-1989 Movies
1990-1993 Movies

2011 - 2012: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Silver Linings Playbook

What's fun about these two movies is they're also the only ones on this list that I also read the books for. I looooved both books and while the movies are different I also really liked the movies as well.

2011: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Movie Facts:
Directed by  David Fincher
Rated R
Genre Thriller/Drama
Tagline: The feel bad movie of Christmas.
Daniel Craig - as sexy and frequently stupid.
Rooney Mara - as creepy as hell
Stellan Skarsgard - as perfect
And everyone else. Like everyone else lots of people.

Movie Thoughts:
I haven't seen this movie since I saw it in the theater. It's no that I didn't like it, because I do, but it's one of those movies you don't need to see over and over again to remember the details. Especially after reading the books and watching the Swedish films as well.  I read the books on my first Cruise bake in 2010 and I saw the Swedish movies shortly after.  When this movie came out the following Christmas I guess I was just wanting something more.  But the Swedish movies didn't leave anything to be desired and neither does this movie. As far as movie adaptations there's nothing that makes me angry about this film.  The scenery is gorgeous and stark, perfect for the story.  The cast is also pretty perfect when I read the books I imagined Stellan Skarsgard involved somehow so I saw super pleased when he was.  It's such a good fun mystery, the books suck you in and I feel like the movies do too.

The rape scene in the movie was just as painful as the rape scene in the book. I used it for a drink remix break because really the scene is hard to forget and who needs to relive it. And when Lisbeth gets him back it's still hard to watch- yes he deserves it but still hard to watch.

For some reason the ending of this movies doesn't surprise me as much as it did in the book. I feel like you can see it coming more in the movie- anyone else feel that way? Just realized that. About Harriet, not Lisbeth. This deviation from the book is probably the biggest but really doesn't bother me.  I wasn't too disappointed when they said they wouldn't make the other movies, they aren't needed. The Swedish ones are great! Again, this one is good too though.

Tyler's Rating: Aish  maybe A-.

2012: Silver Linings Playbook

Movie Facts:
Directed by David O. Russell
Rated R
Genre Drama/Comedy
Tagline: Watch for the signs.
Bradley Cooper - as crazy and awesome
Jennifer Lawrence - as crazy and neurotic
Robert DeNiro - as heartbreaking

Movie Thoughts:
One of the things in the book and movie I never understood was the fanaticism of football fans. I don't understand how these grown men act - I asked lots of people and apparently it's realistic...I just don't get it. So this is a movie that's I've definitely seen in the last 6 months. I love this movie. I find parts of it uncomfortable to watch but that's a good thing. It's acted really well and I just love Cooper and Lawrence together. I love the music, David O Russell really likes music he tends to do that part well too. I love that this movie is about mental illness, I love that Robert DeNiro came out and spoke about his son's illness during promotions. I like that their craziness is relatable and real and a work in progress.  There are so many deviations from the book in this movie but that's not what this project is about. I think the movie is a good clean happy ending that doesn't feel cheap- predictable yes but not cheap. So yay.

Tyler's Rating: A. Solid A.

One more movie. One more.

Overview of the Project
My thoughts on Legend
1986-1989 Movies
1990-1993 Movies

2006- Pan's Labyrinth and 2013- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

These two movies were claimed by my friend Linda.  So they're being watched very out of order.

2006: Pan's Labyrinth

Movie Facts:
Directed by Guillermo del Toro
Rating R
Genre: Fantasy/Drama
Tagline: What happens when make-believe believes it's real?
Staring beautiful Spanish/Mexican actors and actresses

Movie Before Thoughts:
The first time I saw this movie was in 2007 at an outdoor movie screening at my first job at SAC.  We were showing the movie for Hispanic Heritage month.  OMG it was so scary! Why did no one tell me this movie was scary! I blame my first boss, he told me it was a great movie- nothing about it being scary as all hell! It is beautiful. I'll give everyone credit for that.  Guillermo del Toro makes the most beautiful movies but this one was beautiful and scary. Like horror movie scary. Like I had nightmares and can't watch a certain scene ever again- I don't think I even watched it that first time, so I don't know how that scene ends! This is a movie that was claimed by my friend Linda, so we're going to watch it sometime during the week when there's time.  But these are my thoughts- I'm excited to see it again because it's beautiful, I'm less excited to see the scary white may without eyes again because I may scream.

Movie After Thoughts:
As usual my friend Linda does not like this movie as much as her husband and I do. She did let us keep the subtitles on but did spend the entire movie correcting it and repeating things in Spanish under her breath- it was kinda entertaining.  I still love this movie.  I love it because it's such a dark film both aesthetically and story wise. I am a fan of sad and depressing movies and this does not disappoint.  The world the girl lives in is dark and harsh and awful, as if her fantasy. Even her escape is dark! As usual I couldn't watch the scary hand eye man eat the fairies because it's scary! So I took that moment to refill my champagne. But the rest of the movie isn't scary so just that one part. Overall it's a gorgeous film and I love the fairy tale aspected of it and just overall love it.

Tyler's Rating: A+! Did I mention I love it?

20013: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 

Movie Facts:
Directed by Ben Stiller
Rated PG
Genre Fantasy/Drama
Tagline: Stop Dreaming, Start Living.
Ben Stiller - as awesome, I love him in this movie.
Kristen Wiig - I dislike her in the end I think...can't remember
Sean Penn - Cameo!

Movie Thoughts:
I saw this with my mom when I was home for Christmas break two years ago. We both loved it. One of the few movies on this list I saw with my mama! I remember it being just a nice, light, feel good movie.  I've only seen it the once so we'll see how I remembered it. This is one of those movies that I remember how I felt after I watched it and I liked that feeling, a nice happy warm feeling. So let's see!

Awww still same good feeling at the end. I think its just a nice fun adventure movie. It's so beautiful! Oh my gosh lets go to Iceland! I love the cinematography in this film. I appreciated the moments of "silence" or at least lack of dialogue because the music fit the scenery so well.  Just a good feel good movie.

Tyler's Rating: A.

Okay I have 3 more movies to review, but since we're a bit out of order I only have two more to watch at this time. We're almost there!

Overview of the Project
My thoughts on Legend
1986-1989 Movies
1990-1993 Movies

Friday, March 27, 2015

2006 - 2010: Pan's Labyrinth, Juno, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Up in the Air, and Repo Men

We're in the home stretch! Only a few days left and still 9 more movies to go! I can do it. With the help of my friends and some binges this weekend all should be good! This week's films will be shown out of order because movies have been claimed by certain friends.

2006: Pan's Labyrinth

Documented in separate post- I'll link when I have it. Watched out of order. Wont watch till March 28th.

2007: Juno 

Movie Facts:
Directed by Jason Reitman
Rated PG-13
Genre: Drama/Romance
Tagline: A comedy about growing up...and the bumps along the way.
Ellen Page - omg she looks so young
Michael Cera - awkward as always
Jennifer Garner- playing herself?
Jason Bateman- playing himself.
Allison Janney- perfect as stepmom.
JC Simmons- perfect as father.

Movie Thoughts:
I cannot remember if I saw this with Deirdre or my mom. Either way it was a bad choice. I remember all the tears! It's such a good movie though. I remember crying so much the first time I saw it.  Watching it now it doesn't make me cry as much, the ridiculous language Diablo Cody uses seems to shticky to me now. I feel like there are things in this movie that ring really true and things that don't.  I find Juno so dumb throughout this.  She was smart enough to con some guy into having sex with her but doesn't realize her relationship with the adoptive dad is getting inappropriate?  Also she's a terrible liar why does anyone believe her? Anyways good movie, annoying characters, all the tears.

Tyler's Rating: Just a B+

2008: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Movie Facts:
Directed by Woody Allen
Rated PG-13 (really? hard to imagine)
Genre: Drama/Comedy (again- really?
Tagline: Life is the ultimate work of art.
Scarlett Johannson as sexy- with an ulcer...
Penelope Cruz as sexy
Javier Bardem as sexy

Movie Thoughts:
I saw this movie shortly after it came out. I don't remember loving it but I remember liking it and thinking it spoke to me for lots of the time. Who knows how I'll feel now- let's watch!
What an interesting movie. Not completely what I remembered from it but I understand why I remembered it fondly. It's about two screwed up girls in love. Neither know what they want, they don't want what they think they want and they do want what they don't think they want. Love it.

Tyler's Rating: A-

2009: Up in the Air

Movie Facts:
Directed by Jason Reitman (repeat director!)
Rated R
Genre: Romance/Drama
Tagline: The story of a man ready to make a connection.
George Clooney - as sad and lonely
Vera Farmiga - as a cold bitch, who is also so beautiful! First time I saw her and thought she was gorgeous!
Anna Kendrick - as young and sad and naive and a really bad crier.

Movie Thoughts:
Bruce got this movie for my back a hundred years ago. I don't think he watched it with me. I can't remember if I cried, but I definitely know I found it depressing, but not nearly as depressing as I now find it. OMG. Ann Kendrick get your life together. George! What's wrong with you! You know I don't hate Vera Farmiga. I think in the past I would have, but you know I kinda understand. I think that's what depressed me when I first saw it. I understood how people could get there. But you just feel so bad for George! Of course you do. Your entire relationship was a lie and fake and just one woman's escape! How depressing! But in the end I feel like he gets what he wants and helps Anna Kendrick get what she wants but Vera hopefully doesn't. She's selfish and insensitive. So is this movie about how you need a co-pilot? Or is it about how you can only rely on yourself?

Tyler's Rating: A that makes you think.

20010: Repo Men

Movie Facts:
Directed by Miguel Sapochnik
Rated R
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Tagline: For a price, any organ in your body can be replaced. But it can also be repossessed.
Jude Law - look he grew a conscience
Forest Whitaker - crazy, jerk

Movie Thoughts:
We're in my Bruce movie saw this one with Bruce. We tried to watch the movie this was based off of first the Genetic Opera one? And it was so bad I didn't finish it I don't remember if he did, but it was bad, so anything was going to be better than that.  I remember when we first saw this I really liked it. I thought it was just a good fun B movie. Not the best acting in the world unless crazy jerk is what Forest Whitaker was going for...but anyways. I remember I bought the Blu Ray of it when it came out too because I enjoyed it, but now I can't find the Blu Ray so I rented it online and maybe because I had to pay $2.99 to watch it but I just didn't like it as much this time around.  The story is still fun repossessing people's organ's when they can't pay for them- good fun for all! I just found some of the violence sooooo gratuitous. Which I'm fine with it doesn't bother me, but it wasn't even good gratuitous violence! At the end when Jude Law takes out all those people, it's sooooooo not believable! Unlikes the rest of the movie, lol. I enjoy the soundtrack and like the story/plot stuff but it was just kinda weird.  Oooh there's also an awesome John Leguizamo cameo, I remember freaking out when I saw him because I hadn't seen him in anything in forever- so redeeming value? Maybe. Anyways

Tyler's Rating: B just be. Not bad, not good, just B.

Okay sorry these were out of order, when I watch PL I'll link it above too.  But we're almost done! This project maybe has 3 - 4 more posts left in it!  I'm excited to start the last 5 movies!!!!

Overview of the Project
My thoughts on Legend
1986-1989 Movies
1990-1993 Movies