Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How is June almost over?

Hour 9 of a 10 hour workday

Gah! It's been a while. This summer is just speeding by and in a week from now I'll be packing for the cruise.  This whole year is just zipping by- except for the 10 hour work days, those are dragging, so you'd think I'd have more time to write, but really not.

What I've been doing-
1- Karaoke-ing (we seriously went 3 times one week it was a little excessive)
2- Unpacking (it takes a while!)
3- Sunbathing (not nearly as much as I would like)
4- 10 hour work days (the worst possible idea ever! not mine. by 5 o'clock though I'm useless)
5- Exercising (maybe only 3 times a week but that's better than 0 like I was before)

What I haven't been doing-
1- TNMCing (which is sad but I've just been busy)
2- Playing guitar enough (I miss it)
3- Spending time at home (I feel like we're always gone!)
4- Saving money (being always gone is expensive)
5- Studying for my GRE (I really need to do that)

Of course I've been spending a ton of time with Bruce is great, but we live together now (officially) so its not really that big of a surprise.  We had the one year anniversary of the night we met back on June 3rd and had a very nice date night.  We had our first little gathering at our new place back earlier in the month I made Summertime Beer and some of Bruce's friends and some of my friends came over to swim.  It was a lot of fun, till I started my first fight with Bruce.  But Bruce things one fight in 10 months is pretty good...

I've been spending a lot of time with mama and Haley.  Its summer so we're having our swim nights at mama's again.  Even though we haven't swam once yet cause of weather, but we have been going every Wednesday since the beginning of June and she always cooks and makes drinks.  It's a blast.

Next week Haley, Greg, mama and I leave for the cruise to Greece- we start in Italy, move on to Croatia and then several Greek Isles then end up back in Venice.  Should be fun.  It's my first vacation in 3 years.  I plan to come back browner than ever before with orange hair (the sun, it's inevitable).  When I get back there will only be one more week of summer for me cause after that Orientation will start and it just speeds back up from them.  But next Tuesday is my last day till Mid-July and I'm turning my work email OFF!  I think I'm most looking forward to that- no work for TWO WEEKS!