Monday, May 4, 2015

May the Fourth- Star Wars Original Trilogy

May the Fourth be with you. And also with you.

I don't know how old I was when my dad introduced these to me, but I do know it was before I was in middle school and we watched them whenever they were on TV. Haley had them on VHS and would sometimes let me borrow them...sometimes. We saw most of them together when they were re-released in the theaters. I know Hail and I saw them all together but I think dad came to Empire and Jedi...not positive unfortunately.  So daddy and Hail are super excited about the new film next December, I'd told them they need to prepare for the midnight showing because dammit we're not ruining our perfect score now. But Hail would need a baby sitter and dad's we'll see if that actually happens- fingers crossed.

Now I probably last watched them the first summer I was in College Station, I usually like to binge these during the summer, so it's been a few years. I watched part of New Hope a few months ago when it was on TV and I always catch Jedi at really random times on Sunday mornings when it's on, but all as a group it's been probably 2 years. So excited to watch them together.  So let's get started.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Released: May 25, 1977
Rated: PG

During Thoughts:
Oh god, just google Star Wars memes and enjoy your life for the next ten minutes...this is what I was doing during the opening text...I'm good I've got the gist.
It's sad to play Star Wars drinking games alone...I need some of that cat wine from Japan...
okay I need to take this more seriously- hey didn't we start the last episode like this? with a battle? yes, yes we did. right before we met Gievous!
OMG that one storm trooper totally looked like he was going to trip over the fake dead body!
No one has learned to shoot better in all these years? Why wouldn't they train the clones to be better marksmen? Isn't that a thing the cloners could breed into them? this is my question.
First Vader death? take a drink? Every time 3PO sounds worried?
Wow does Carrie Fisher look young! Oh yah...she was a Senator?
Tatooine looks much more orange in this one...
That storm trooper looks so beat up! It's kinda sad. Hmmm I wonder why they never take off their helmets in the original series, I mean good for the series because unlike Palpatine I doubt Jengo could reverse age...
Awwww Luke's theme!
'No I don't like you either.' I need to start telling people that...
Much less attracted to Obi-Wan in this movie...
Stop lying Obi-Wan- he was a shitty friend, he never listened to you
Lol, again with the civilized light saber, lol
Vader death two! Everybody drink! Dammit...false alarm...stop drinking...this drinking game sucks- if I'd gone with C-3PO's worrying we'd be half way drunk by now...
Fire just doesn't seem like the Storm Trooper way...why fire?
Yay! Scum and villainy! Also the foundation for my favorite Star Wars Meme ever!
Oooh Chewie's at the bar! 48 minutes in finally some Ford ...let's celebrate!
OMG maybe Hayden wasn't such a bad actor- Mark is just as bad a surly teen! Uhg his whiney voice...
Awww Jabba...I miss my frogs...both died too soon. Jabba and Pickles.
Do they keep calling the force Religion in the next two movies? I don't feel like they do...we'll see because I'm very curious about that now
OMG the bad effects when the Death Star starts pulling the Millennium Falcon in...were they literally standing outside the set shaking it?
Ooops I started googling stuff about The Magicians that was picked up by SyFy my bad...
1.16 in Aren't you a little short to be a Stormtrooper
Again they train princesses/queens very well in this galaxy because they all know how to shoot- seriously is this a part of diplomatic training?
Ooooh how about every time someone says they have a bad feeling about this?!? I feel like we've had several of those...Vader doesn't seem in the mood to kill people today...
I love how 'advanced' the Death Star is but it just takes Obi-Wan a few pulls of some levers and handles to shut down some things...
Oooh I like how Padme's hood was very similar to Leia's- but Padme showed her stomach and her gown was blue but still the hood is exactly the same! I promise...
PS I've moved on to wine glass 3...just in case my typing gets sloppier than usual...
Again with the precarious internal heights...
Uhhhg. Obi-Wan's about to die isn't he...
Every time.
They all look so young!
Luke you are a child, stop crushing on your sister, Solo is clearly the better choice.
Oh look he's going to use the force soon...are their fewer British rebels in these episodes?
I'm kinda bad at focusing on movies when I'm by myself...
So I do like that Episode One chose to parallel Episode Four in the endings that's kinda cool...okay done with IV tomorrow we'll do V

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Released: May 21, 1980
Rated: PG
To be watched...

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Released: May 25, 1983
Rated: PG
To be watched...

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