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2011 - 2012: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Silver Linings Playbook

What's fun about these two movies is they're also the only ones on this list that I also read the books for. I looooved both books and while the movies are different I also really liked the movies as well.

2011: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Movie Facts:
Directed by  David Fincher
Rated R
Genre Thriller/Drama
Tagline: The feel bad movie of Christmas.
Daniel Craig - as sexy and frequently stupid.
Rooney Mara - as creepy as hell
Stellan Skarsgard - as perfect
And everyone else. Like everyone else lots of people.

Movie Thoughts:
I haven't seen this movie since I saw it in the theater. It's no that I didn't like it, because I do, but it's one of those movies you don't need to see over and over again to remember the details. Especially after reading the books and watching the Swedish films as well.  I read the books on my first Cruise bake in 2010 and I saw the Swedish movies shortly after.  When this movie came out the following Christmas I guess I was just wanting something more.  But the Swedish movies didn't leave anything to be desired and neither does this movie. As far as movie adaptations there's nothing that makes me angry about this film.  The scenery is gorgeous and stark, perfect for the story.  The cast is also pretty perfect when I read the books I imagined Stellan Skarsgard involved somehow so I saw super pleased when he was.  It's such a good fun mystery, the books suck you in and I feel like the movies do too.

The rape scene in the movie was just as painful as the rape scene in the book. I used it for a drink remix break because really the scene is hard to forget and who needs to relive it. And when Lisbeth gets him back it's still hard to watch- yes he deserves it but still hard to watch.

For some reason the ending of this movies doesn't surprise me as much as it did in the book. I feel like you can see it coming more in the movie- anyone else feel that way? Just realized that. About Harriet, not Lisbeth. This deviation from the book is probably the biggest but really doesn't bother me.  I wasn't too disappointed when they said they wouldn't make the other movies, they aren't needed. The Swedish ones are great! Again, this one is good too though.

Tyler's Rating: Aish  maybe A-.

2012: Silver Linings Playbook

Movie Facts:
Directed by David O. Russell
Rated R
Genre Drama/Comedy
Tagline: Watch for the signs.
Bradley Cooper - as crazy and awesome
Jennifer Lawrence - as crazy and neurotic
Robert DeNiro - as heartbreaking

Movie Thoughts:
One of the things in the book and movie I never understood was the fanaticism of football fans. I don't understand how these grown men act - I asked lots of people and apparently it's realistic...I just don't get it. So this is a movie that's I've definitely seen in the last 6 months. I love this movie. I find parts of it uncomfortable to watch but that's a good thing. It's acted really well and I just love Cooper and Lawrence together. I love the music, David O Russell really likes music he tends to do that part well too. I love that this movie is about mental illness, I love that Robert DeNiro came out and spoke about his son's illness during promotions. I like that their craziness is relatable and real and a work in progress.  There are so many deviations from the book in this movie but that's not what this project is about. I think the movie is a good clean happy ending that doesn't feel cheap- predictable yes but not cheap. So yay.

Tyler's Rating: A. Solid A.

One more movie. One more.

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