Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Sister is Making me an Aunt

A month from today my little nephew is scheduled to make his highly anticipated debut.  November 22nd, 2011 is a day I have been waiting for since Haley got married.  My sister, my best friend and future mother of my nephew is having a baby! This act along with my marriage, my home, Master's Degree and my new job round out 2011 as one of the best years I've ever had.  I'll never forget the day she told me besides my wedding day and I'm sure the day Isaac Archer Swift enters the world, the day she told me she was becoming a mother was one of the best days ever.

The spring was so busy with my new job, internship and preparation for the wedding I didn't really want to do anything special for my birthday.  So the Friday of my birthday week I met mom, Haley and Greg for lunch.  We went to Yardhouse at LaCantera and had a big booth in a mostly open dining room.  Mama ordered appetizers and a bloody mary, I couldn't have one cause I had to go back to work.  When Haley and Greg got there we ordered and then they told me I should open presents even though I had previously said I didn't want any.  Mama gave me vodka :) thanks mom it was delicious.  And Haley's gift was in a bag with a box that said Coach a card and a folded piece of paper.  I went straight for the Coach box but Haley scolded me saying there was a card in there first.  When I open the card and the folded piece a paper there's a sonogram in there.  I screamed.  I screamed like in the movies and the other 5 diners in the restaurant turned to look at me, mom asked what's wrong and I announced to the room "sorry, my sister just told me she's having a baby".  Like in the movies people clapped and then I started to cry buckets.  I hugged my beautiful sister and greg and stared and stared at my future nephew.  

Since that moment at lunch I've been so excited.  I still get misty eyed when I think of Haley telling me and I think about her becoming a mother.  Throughout her pregnancy I've done research with her on numerous baby products, read customer reviews, mommy blogs and shopped in the baby sections.  I've talked to her after all her doctors appointments and asked about the baby every time we speak.  I've worried with her if she thought something was wrong and screamed for joy when everything goes as it's supposed to.  I can't wait for November and the joys it'll bring.

Haley is my best friend and my sister and that's the best combination because it's a relationship that cannot be broken.  While we may fight and argue ALL THE TIME, we never stop loving each other.  Once Mr. Isaac gets here our worlds will change forever, our relationship will change forever but it'll all be for the love of a child which makes it okay.  I love Haley and Greg and Isaac more and more everyday.  I'm so excited to be an Aunt and so excited to be the sister and best friend of the woman having this baby.