Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meeting the Parents

It's been years since I met a boyfriend's parents...years! Like 4- Mike's parent's don't count cause he was my situation not my boyfriend at all. So it was Ben's parent's back in 2005 and before that it was back in 2003 when I met the Wolff's and before that Ryan's back in 2002. So I don't have a lot of experience with that sort of thing and that makes me kinda nervous...less nervous actually and more anxious. To me the family this isn't that big of a deal. I have a huge family between the 3 families I have it usually ends up being like 5 seperate holiday

Meeting parents after college I think has to be different though. I mean in High School and college it was easy to say, "oh, she's a good girl, she makes good grades and stays out of trouble." But as an adult what do you say, "oh, she got her BA in History and now works as a Student Activities Coordinator?" What does it say about me that I didn't pursue a career with the degree I spent 80K on? I mean how do you qualify girlfriends after the college age. I guess since I'm in grad school you can say "She makes decent grades in Grad School" but still. Its different. My parents always ask the same thing, "Why does he do", "How did you meet" and "Where'd he go to school". Why don't they ever ask "why do you like him" or "what do you think about him"?

Bruce already met my family and they liked him, so that mean's all that's left is for his family to like me. I'm not sure if a holiday like Thanksgiving is the appropriate place though...I mean don't families usually fight on holidays? From what he's told me about his family it doesn't seem like their fighters but still. My family always fights on holidays either me and my sis or me and my mom. We're going to Houston and I'm getting nervous. I don't know what to pack to wear. I obviously don't want to wear too revealing clothing because Bruce and I are staying at hotel that way the sleeping arrangement thing doesn't make anyone uncomfortable so I'm thinking that conservative is the way to go. But at the same time Bruce has visible tattoos so if they see me all conservative and goody goody wont that seem a bit off? All my tats will be hidden cause it's cold so wont they think it's odd? I don't know I'm probably just over thinking it.

Okay only a few hours to stop being a spaz about this...