Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorite Memories in my Red Ford Focus

I know I'm probably getting way too emotional about my little red car but I have had some great years in it.  I got my little red Ford Focus the Christmas of my Sophomore year at TLU after I was in a horrible accident in my little silver Ford Focus on Highway 90 outside of Seguin.  The car was totaled but it was the idiot in the F150s fault so I got to get a new car.  Everyone was convinced that the Focus was what saved my life since the paramedics didn't know how I got out of my car seeing how all the doors were pinned shut.  So another Focus it was!

5 1/2 years later the little red Focus has been in one major accident on 1604 on my way to my friend Carrie's wedding.  It was raining and some old lady pulled into my lane and smashed the front passenger side in.  A nice southern fireman came and asked if I needed any help or if I was injured, I stupidely told the truth and said no...and watched him drive away.  I blocked traffic for miles, my dad came and stood with the cops and laughed at me as I paced back and forth on 1604 in my beautiful blue dress and 4 1/2 inch heels on the phone with my insurance company trying to arrange for my rental car.  I had the whole situation totally under control, behind the tears.  About 20 minutes after the accident my sister and her boyfriend at the time (hubby now) passed us pulled over to check out the damage- they too were on the way to a wedding they joined the laughing cop and my father on the side of the road.

The car has been good- no major problems and it can be packed to the gills.  I could get my entire dorm room in that car in one load.  I've moved twice in it- same apartments though.  I drove though a tornado on the way to camp one summer- that car was a trooper! I bought my first set of tires for the car two Christmases ago.  I have changed countless flat tires in high heels while either on  my way to Cowboys or coming home from Cowboys for the car- I have since stopped going to Cowboys.  Then of course there was that time on Christmas Eve when someone backed into my car in the HEB parking lot then drove away.  Luckily at the time I was dating a nice boy who fixed cars and got that all taken care of for me.   Unfortunately the car is not as resilient when it comes to running into partitions on the side of 410, but seriously it came out of nowhere!  So there are a few scratches on the passenger side and one on the front bumper where my brother-in-laws car and mine became close friends one evening when a sleepy teenager fell asleep along a curve in the road.

Besides the few cosmetic improvements I've had done to the car I've also done some maintenance things, I've had the breaks replaced, an axel replaced and the alternator replaced just last week.  It's been a great car and I'm sad to let it go.  I'm planning on getting another Focus this weekend.  They're safe little cars and get great gas mileage.

Bye little red, I'll miss you!