Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May the Fourth- Star Wars Original Trilogy: Empire

Monday I did this > Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Blog Post

Now two days later I'm doing this. I can't not finish a project once I start!!!!

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Released: May 21, 1980
Rated: PG

I've mentioned this before but Star Wars especially Empire Strikes Back always makes me think of Clerks! And the Clerks cartoon- it's Hoth Cold also what about those independent contractors. Anyways like the others I'm going to take this whole blogging thing very seriously and share my thoughts as we go along. Warning I had a long day and my wine glass is very very full, I'm using the medium size glass tonight, I have normal, medium and large (the large holds a full bottle...we're not there yet).  Let's watch!

Scrolling words again...
Oooh look doesn't start with a battle- yay!
Oh wait did they say why we're on Hoth? How they got to Hoth? I should start paying attention
Drinking game? Every time someone references the cold? or Skywalker...hmmmm choices
Yah cause building a tent in that is going to be easy...
Rouge 2 is super excited to claim that he found them
Shoot it! Shoot it!
Maybe I don't really understand military strategy- okay I know I don't understand military strategy- but I feel like this is a bad one- like in the early episodes of Battlestar Galactica when they just kept jumping till the were found- is that what the rebels are doing? Sad.
Why do people keep arguing with Vader? When will they learn?
Why are the explosions green and pink?
Dagobah (yes I looked up how to spell it) is kinda boring... I'm trying to remember the Eddie Izzard Star Wars jokes, they always cracked me the f' up.
The Empire is British and the Rebels are American...Accents are so very special.
Man Luke's little fighter carried so much stuff!
Oh old Yoda- it's so weird seeing him like this right after the prequels.
I happen to like nice men? Keep telling yourself that Leia- Leia lies!
Poor worm doesn't get to eat today.
My cats have abandoned the cause...
Oh no Bobba Fett's voice is different on my DVDs it's one of the dubbed ones- sad day! Empire and Jedi are the most obnoxious of the remastered ones...uuuuhg already dreading seeing Hayden at the end of Jedi NOOOOOO!
Everytime the Force is Strong is mentioned! (Hoth drinking game is no longer working- an hour in clearly)
Is it time to go to Cloud City yet? - also dude why is yoda's mouth like neon green?
YES Vader Death!!!! Everybody drink!
Handstands always help me use the force too. Seriously though Yoda's green is very inconsistent... very distracting it is
Also Empire isn't as long as Episode II & III but I feel like it tells more stories without annoying me as much- like this whole Cloud City story is my favorite!
Poor 3PO. Hi Vader.
At least they brought 3PO's parts to Chewie in jail.
Yah Lando we really shouldn't make deals with Vader...never a good idea.
Han you look pretty good for someone who has just been tortured.
Oh good Han is going to share his true feelings with Leia soon.
And douche.
It's nice how carbonite floats so easily through hallways.
Oooh it's a trap another good drinking game!
Oh another Force wine glass is getting empty
Awww that's nice Boba calls him Captain Solo.
Oh good R2 just do some spins right in the middle of the fire...seriously
Lol, Luke sucks at deflecting flying objects
R2 gets electrocuted a lot, maybe that's why he spins in the face of laser fire...
3PO isn't as punny as he was in Episode III
Father son time! And my favorite Empire meme!!!
I think we'll just end it with that...
I always laugh when Vader sees the Falcon fly away and turns back to see who's to blame. I crack up.
Vader death? We can only assume.
Much fancier artificial hand than his dad got.
The end. Till Friday and I'll watch Jedi. 

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Released: May 25, 1983
Rated: PG
To be watched...

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