Monday, April 23, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012

April in Texas

It's that awkward time of year right now where it isn't hot but it isn't cold.  We're in the 80s most of the afternoons and the upper 60s in the morning.  At any moment it could start to rain and at any moment summer could hit and we'll be nothing but sweltering 90s and 100s for the next 5 months.  Along with the moderate temps we have extreme humidity.  I'm a walking cavewoman with hair that excedes the width of my shoulders.  The mosquitos that were non-existant last summer because of the drought have decided to make their presence known viscously making up for the lost opportunities last year. The upside to all this are the beautiful wildflowers.  1604 offers a beautifully scenic drive overflowing with bluebonnets and indian blankets until you hit the cluster-fuck at 281 where its nothing but a depressing view of construction.  April also brings Fiesta to San Antonio.  I don't really get on board with the whole fiesta thing except once every 7 years or so, I really don't need to experience it more than that.  Downtown gets too crowded, NIOSA is gross, its usually hot and sticky and if its not then someone will spill their $12 margarita on you and then you'll be sticky none the less.  But the weather has been quite lovely lately, so I'll stop bitching about the rest.  This April has been a season of 1sts.  Isaac's first Easter, Bruce's first Woodzie (and Haley, Isaac and Greg's too), the end of our first year in our first house and coming up our first wedding anniversary.

Isaac's first Easter was awesome.  He's just so cute and handsom, growing every time I see him.  I can't imagine having missed it, even though originally I hadn't thought it was a big deal.  There's something about holding that baby that just makes all the world problems disappear.  As long as Mr. Isaac is smiling then what can be so horrible.  I post more pictures of that kid on Facebook than of my husband that people frequently ask if he's mine.

The extended Swift-Moran family Woodzie experience also happened this month.  I finally got to take Bruce.  Since we met there have always been wedding complications that weekend, the first year we were together we went to California for a good friend from High School's wedding and last year it was too busy with the planning of our wedding.  But not only did I get to share it with Bruce, but I got to have Haley, Greg and Isaac there too! Greg even became the talk of the Woodzie by being the first to spin fire there.  I was so glad to get to share that experience with them and now they know how awesome it is and want to go back again next year.

I closed on the house last year on the 16th or 17, can't remember but I remember I was in a rush because I had to close on it before the wedding date or there was a chance I would have lost it!  So while we didn't move into the house till Mayish we did change the locks right after we closed and put locks on the gates.  It's crazy to think that last year we were still in our apartment, I never knew I could love our little house so much, but I do.  Its the perfect size and even though there are some things I'd like to upgrade, for the most part it's perfect.

Monday is our 1 year wedding anniversary, the paper anniversary.  I told Bruce I'd write both our names on a piece of paper and give it to him.  I can't believe it's already been a year.  This year has been just one big thing after another.  You always hear that the first year of marriage is the hardest, but sometimes I feel like this is just ridiculous.  I don't even know what to say about it.  A lot of really good things happened, but a lot of really stressful things happened as well.  Good- Isaac, moving into the house, graduating and lots of good work stuff for me.  Bad- mama almost dying, having to cancel our honeymoon, Grandpa Red dying, Bruce's medical badness, Bruce losing his job, and lots of car expenses.  Everything was kinda polarized the first 3 months were really really stressful and the last 3 months have been really really stressful.  But as I've told many people, come April 24th I expect everything to be perfect because everyone always says the first year is the hardest, so come Tuesday that first year is over.  I'm ready to start the second.

On a happy note we got our first anniversary gift from my mom and grandma a Loquat Tree for our backyard.  Right now its just a baby but hopefully it grow up to be big one day.