Monday, August 31, 2009

Dating by the stars...part 1

I’m an Aries. Artistic, energetic, impulsive, passionate, independent, outgoing, direct, selfish, procrastinator, free, impatient and adventurous- to name a few. I possess quiet a few of these traits both good and bad. And sometimes I’m sure I’m lots of them at once. I’ve dated all the different signs in the zodiac (but one-Virgo) and I’m starting to think there’s kinda a lot to be said for dating by the stars. I’ve dated more Leos and Capricorns than all the other signs and some totally personified their sign depending on their location to the center of that signs cycle. It’s really interesting…at least to me. But it’s easier to go in order.

I’ve only dated one Taurus and good lord remind me not to do it again. Half of my family members are Taurus so that should have been a clue to stay away. I fight with my family all the time so why did I think I wouldn’t fight with the Taurus. Tauruses are known for being possessive and Aries are known for wanting to be free. Tauruses are also unchanging and don’t compromise well at all. When a Taurus makes up his mind, their mind is made and that can be frustrating to live with. The best part about the relationship was that each of us was really passionate about similar things and so conversations were great and watching movies together always good but the fun stopped there.

Geminis- the twins. Their name is so fitting because it often felt like they were two different people with entirely different personalities. I’ve only dated one of these as well and I use the term date very, very loosely because he could never sit still long enough to take it seriously. Geminis are huge flirts, with everyone. The great thing about Geminis is that they’re talented at many, many things. They can be artistic and creative totally inspiring that part of the Aries but they also are a tad ADD and often move on to something new without finishing what they’ve started. The problem with my Gemini was timing I think- today we are great friends and he is one of my best guy friends and totally dependable, sweet and charming and if we didn’t have our history I would totally consider dating him again but I think it’s best for us to just be friends. I wouldn’t be apposed to dating another Gemini in the future just because I think if you catch them at the right time they could be great.

Every once in a while you come across a sign that you totally instantly connect with and want to spend tons of time with. All the zodiac charts tell me to stay away from this sign cause their water and I’m fire but I just couldn’t get enough of the Cancer I met last spring. Cancers are strong, passionate, nurturing, protective, loyal and creative. They have a tough outside and a delicate side hidden away. The crabs of the zodiac world actually do better when in a pair and my one amazing like 13 hours with one makes me believe it. I met the guy in a bar and ended up staying up all night and most of the next morning with one talking about all the things we had in common and talking about music, movies and books. I’m totally intrigued and want to meet another one just to find out if they’re all like this. The reason this guy was only around for 13 hours (and a week full of phone calls and emails) is because he moved far away, out of the country actually but I still secretly hope when he returns I’ll get another 13 hours

Leo the lions. I’ve dated so many of these guys and I don’t know why I think they’ll be different, one day I’ll learn I guess. But there is not room enough in any relationship for the ego of two fire signs, especially when one of them is a Leo. Leos make excellent leaders or artists or something because they are so confident and self-assured. They are incredibly passionate like most fire signs but because both the Leo and the Aries want to be the center of attention and the one receiving the affection the relationship can become exhausting and fights eventually break out when one side wont compromise. I think the reason I keep coming back to Leos is because their confidence makes them extremely attractive and they are also very competitive to the point to where its like a challenge for them to get you to stay with them. They’ll spoil you rotten but Aries’ love can’t be bought.

Dating by the Stars and other revelations to be continued…

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Make New Friends but Keep the Old

In the last year a lot of people from the past have been popping back into my life. And mostly they've been people from High School. Yes we normally find each other on Facebook, but sometimes fate intervenes and reconnects us in other ways. (And yes they are all guys)

A little over 2 years ago when I first started working at SAC that summer we hired someone in the office to work part-time that had gone to ISA. I didn't know him back in high school but he had apparently known who I was. He's worked in our office ever since and we've become really good friends. He was a couple of grades below me in High School so I pretty much understood why we weren't friends back in school but now I'm so glad we are. We have lots of fun together and have some fun things in common.

A year ago 2 guy friends from high school came into my life from seemingly out of the blue. We caught up on Facebook for a while and then started hanging out. I was getting ready to start UTSA and one of the guys was too so we started hanging out more at school and outside of school. What was funny for me was that in High School I wasn't really friends with them at all, I went to a tiny school so I knew them, but we'd never hung out before. We kinda talked about it but kinda avoided the subject at the same time, but for about 6ish months I hung out with at least one of the guys on a pretty much weekly basis.

Then last Christmas another random guy from high school who I knew a little better popped back into my life. We started chatting on Facebook too and eventually started hanging out. When we hung out it was mostly at bars or involved alcohol in some way and it kinda darkened up my Christmas break. Not in a bad way, but we ended u enjoying each others company by drinking and just being really sarcastic about things. We're much more sporadic friends and maybe hang out every 3ish months or so.

Late this spring in April I started going to these Thursday Night Music Club events out in New Braunfels with my family. I started playing guitar and singing more. One night this woman came up to me after I played and asked if I'd even be formally trained to sing and I explained that I had been a musical theatre major in high school and found out that I had been in class with her son. Her son and I had been friends in high school and knew all the same people, but had lost touch over the years. She gave me his number and told me I just had to call him. I eventually did and we played phone tag for a couple of months before finally getting to see him last week. We've only hung out twice now in 6 years and already it has been just a blast. He makes me laugh and we have fun and it's so easy to remember why we were friends all those years ago. Unlike the others we actually were friends before.

I try to keep touch with all the guys kinda regularly or irregularly, but it's hard. The first and last are easy cause one I see daily at work and the other one is still new, but the middle guys I actually have to make an effort to see. I totally enjoy keeping in touch with people from the past I kinda think it helps ground me and it definitely helps me remember who I am and who I was in high school. I just think its interesting how it happens, I was on Facebook years before the middle guys ever made the choice to contact me and the last guy's mom has known my birthmom for years, but she's only just now getting more involved with our family's stuff.

I wonder what old friends will return this year.

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Summer is over...and what that means

It's August 3rd and my summer is definitely over. It was actually over last Tuesday on July 28th when New Student Orientation started, but I figured I'd give it till August to be officially through.

What changes?
1- No more drinking during the week (probably not true I'll just reduce it to once during the week and then only on weekends when I'm not working)

2- Fewer Thursday Night Music Clubs- so sad it's true but I have to be alert and awake now on Friday cause we'll have events during the days and evenings and little sleep just wont do- I'll still make some but I'll drastically reduce my attendance

3- Return to school- school starts the last week of August and that means my Monday and Tuesdays will be busy once more. I'm super torn about returning to school, part of me wants to go because I know I'm working towards something good but the other half of me wonders what's the point.

4- Less time to play the guitar- so sad and true because I know I'll be studying for school but also busy with ten times more work that I've had the last 5 months

5- The end of dating season- I try only to date new people in the summer cause I have more free time to get to know someone and once fall hits I really only have time for one date a week and that is sometimes just too slow to get to know someone so whoever I'm dating at the start of fall tends to find this annoying mid September sometimes real winners can stick it out till October but I warn them all cause I know its not fun dating busy people I'd be annoyed too, but I'm too busy to notice sometimes

Summer Regrets/Wishes
1- I wish I'd taken vacation time- I just noticed that I never took any time off this summer to go on vacation or to just do something for me

2- I wish I'd gone to the river more- I went twice but that isn't nearly enough

3- I wish I'd spent more time with my dad- I saw my mom and birth-mom every week but my dad only like once a month

4- I wish I'd read more- I don't have time to read as much in the fall and this summer I didn't take advantage of it enough

5- I wish summer was longer

Last August I was getting ready to just start school and I was really excited about it. I was enjoying my last free month and reading like crazy- that was about the time all those crazy Twilight fans (that I am not a part of) were reading the last book so I went out and a bought all four and read them in four days. I must have taken vacation last summer. I also was stressing about the fact that my sister would be getting married and that there was not going to be enough time to get everything done that needed to be done. My mother was also still in Las Vegas and working on her divorce this time last year. I wasn't dating anyone and Jessica and I had just started doing our weekly dates of hookah and karaoke.

Another school year is about to it Labor Day yet?