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2014: Big Hero 6 - the final movie!

Okay- we're there! The last movie.  After tonight I will have watched 30 movies in like 31ish days. Oh my goodness it was a lot of movies. But it was a super super fun project. I'll have a final wrap up blog either later tonight or tomorrow on my actual birthday- we'll see.  Thanks to all my friends that put up with me during this challenge and also kept reading my posts even when they went down hill...or very off topic :) Let's watch Big Hero 6!

2014: Big Hero 6

Movie Facts:
Directed by Chris Williams
Rated G
Genre: Disney Animation/Comic Book Movie
Tagline: (apparently none)
Lots of Voice Actors in this movie that I don't know based on name alone.

Before Movie Thoughts:
We are basically in the present now, I saw this movie last fall when it came out with my friend Casey. It was one of our early morning Sunday or Saturday movies. We tried to go before there were too many kids or families.  We failed.  But usually Casey falls asleep in our early morning movies, but she stayed awake this time! Partially maybe because I was sobbing like a baby through the whole thing. Oh my gosh this movie made me cry.  It's so good. I was really looking forward to it before we saw it and afterwards I just couldn't get over it, I just loved it. Like a lot of movies I couldn't wait for my nephew to see it too, I know he'll love it- hopefully his dad will share it with him soon- because it's a sweet fun action-y cartoon I know he'll love! It was funny, it was silly, it was sad and it was serious. I've only seen it the once and am so looking forward to watching it again. I basically knew from the beginning of this project that this would be my 2014 choice.

During Movie Thoughts:
I've never been to San Fransisco... or Tokyo
Also robots usually scare me- thanks Daniel H Wilson- but I like Baymax he's cute and I want to hug him
Neurotic Aunt is kinda annoying- I can't remember if she ever redeems herself...
BAYMAX!!!! Hi I want to hug you!
Stop whining- woman up. Oh Disney trying to be so progressive.
And fire and death...thanks Disney.
Diagnosis Puberty
I am not fast- no shit come on Baymax get your life together!
Low-Battery/Drunk Baymax is my favorite Baymax...
This armor may undermine my huggable nonthreatening design.
And the tears
OMG when Hiro loses Baymax his face looks like my nephew Isaac's! Oh god tears.
And a happy ending- yay. More tears.

After Movie Thoughts:
Didn't cry as much thing time. I cried more at the end when Baymax is trying to sacrifice himself- oh god the tears. Still really enjoyed it and thought it was just a lot of fun.  Good story. I think Hiro is a good representation of what it's like going through the grief process...minor the fighting robots and becoming a super hero thing. But I think you forget those things and lash out when grieving and luckily he had awesome friends around who understood that's why he was being a jerk. Baymax is awesome and I still just want to hug him. It's a sweet little cartoon and I hope my nephew likes it!

Tyler's Rating: A+

I'm glad my last movie was a happy ending one...considering that like the majority of my movies were not....Summary blog post to come...eventually.


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2011 - 2012: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Silver Linings Playbook

What's fun about these two movies is they're also the only ones on this list that I also read the books for. I looooved both books and while the movies are different I also really liked the movies as well.

2011: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Movie Facts:
Directed by  David Fincher
Rated R
Genre Thriller/Drama
Tagline: The feel bad movie of Christmas.
Daniel Craig - as sexy and frequently stupid.
Rooney Mara - as creepy as hell
Stellan Skarsgard - as perfect
And everyone else. Like everyone else lots of people.

Movie Thoughts:
I haven't seen this movie since I saw it in the theater. It's no that I didn't like it, because I do, but it's one of those movies you don't need to see over and over again to remember the details. Especially after reading the books and watching the Swedish films as well.  I read the books on my first Cruise bake in 2010 and I saw the Swedish movies shortly after.  When this movie came out the following Christmas I guess I was just wanting something more.  But the Swedish movies didn't leave anything to be desired and neither does this movie. As far as movie adaptations there's nothing that makes me angry about this film.  The scenery is gorgeous and stark, perfect for the story.  The cast is also pretty perfect when I read the books I imagined Stellan Skarsgard involved somehow so I saw super pleased when he was.  It's such a good fun mystery, the books suck you in and I feel like the movies do too.

The rape scene in the movie was just as painful as the rape scene in the book. I used it for a drink remix break because really the scene is hard to forget and who needs to relive it. And when Lisbeth gets him back it's still hard to watch- yes he deserves it but still hard to watch.

For some reason the ending of this movies doesn't surprise me as much as it did in the book. I feel like you can see it coming more in the movie- anyone else feel that way? Just realized that. About Harriet, not Lisbeth. This deviation from the book is probably the biggest but really doesn't bother me.  I wasn't too disappointed when they said they wouldn't make the other movies, they aren't needed. The Swedish ones are great! Again, this one is good too though.

Tyler's Rating: Aish  maybe A-.

2012: Silver Linings Playbook

Movie Facts:
Directed by David O. Russell
Rated R
Genre Drama/Comedy
Tagline: Watch for the signs.
Bradley Cooper - as crazy and awesome
Jennifer Lawrence - as crazy and neurotic
Robert DeNiro - as heartbreaking

Movie Thoughts:
One of the things in the book and movie I never understood was the fanaticism of football fans. I don't understand how these grown men act - I asked lots of people and apparently it's realistic...I just don't get it. So this is a movie that's I've definitely seen in the last 6 months. I love this movie. I find parts of it uncomfortable to watch but that's a good thing. It's acted really well and I just love Cooper and Lawrence together. I love the music, David O Russell really likes music he tends to do that part well too. I love that this movie is about mental illness, I love that Robert DeNiro came out and spoke about his son's illness during promotions. I like that their craziness is relatable and real and a work in progress.  There are so many deviations from the book in this movie but that's not what this project is about. I think the movie is a good clean happy ending that doesn't feel cheap- predictable yes but not cheap. So yay.

Tyler's Rating: A. Solid A.

One more movie. One more.

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2006- Pan's Labyrinth and 2013- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

These two movies were claimed by my friend Linda.  So they're being watched very out of order.

2006: Pan's Labyrinth

Movie Facts:
Directed by Guillermo del Toro
Rating R
Genre: Fantasy/Drama
Tagline: What happens when make-believe believes it's real?
Staring beautiful Spanish/Mexican actors and actresses

Movie Before Thoughts:
The first time I saw this movie was in 2007 at an outdoor movie screening at my first job at SAC.  We were showing the movie for Hispanic Heritage month.  OMG it was so scary! Why did no one tell me this movie was scary! I blame my first boss, he told me it was a great movie- nothing about it being scary as all hell! It is beautiful. I'll give everyone credit for that.  Guillermo del Toro makes the most beautiful movies but this one was beautiful and scary. Like horror movie scary. Like I had nightmares and can't watch a certain scene ever again- I don't think I even watched it that first time, so I don't know how that scene ends! This is a movie that was claimed by my friend Linda, so we're going to watch it sometime during the week when there's time.  But these are my thoughts- I'm excited to see it again because it's beautiful, I'm less excited to see the scary white may without eyes again because I may scream.

Movie After Thoughts:
As usual my friend Linda does not like this movie as much as her husband and I do. She did let us keep the subtitles on but did spend the entire movie correcting it and repeating things in Spanish under her breath- it was kinda entertaining.  I still love this movie.  I love it because it's such a dark film both aesthetically and story wise. I am a fan of sad and depressing movies and this does not disappoint.  The world the girl lives in is dark and harsh and awful, as if her fantasy. Even her escape is dark! As usual I couldn't watch the scary hand eye man eat the fairies because it's scary! So I took that moment to refill my champagne. But the rest of the movie isn't scary so just that one part. Overall it's a gorgeous film and I love the fairy tale aspected of it and just overall love it.

Tyler's Rating: A+! Did I mention I love it?

20013: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 

Movie Facts:
Directed by Ben Stiller
Rated PG
Genre Fantasy/Drama
Tagline: Stop Dreaming, Start Living.
Ben Stiller - as awesome, I love him in this movie.
Kristen Wiig - I dislike her in the end I think...can't remember
Sean Penn - Cameo!

Movie Thoughts:
I saw this with my mom when I was home for Christmas break two years ago. We both loved it. One of the few movies on this list I saw with my mama! I remember it being just a nice, light, feel good movie.  I've only seen it the once so we'll see how I remembered it. This is one of those movies that I remember how I felt after I watched it and I liked that feeling, a nice happy warm feeling. So let's see!

Awww still same good feeling at the end. I think its just a nice fun adventure movie. It's so beautiful! Oh my gosh lets go to Iceland! I love the cinematography in this film. I appreciated the moments of "silence" or at least lack of dialogue because the music fit the scenery so well.  Just a good feel good movie.

Tyler's Rating: A.

Okay I have 3 more movies to review, but since we're a bit out of order I only have two more to watch at this time. We're almost there!

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Friday, March 27, 2015

2006 - 2010: Pan's Labyrinth, Juno, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Up in the Air, and Repo Men

We're in the home stretch! Only a few days left and still 9 more movies to go! I can do it. With the help of my friends and some binges this weekend all should be good! This week's films will be shown out of order because movies have been claimed by certain friends.

2006: Pan's Labyrinth

Documented in separate post- I'll link when I have it. Watched out of order. Wont watch till March 28th.

2007: Juno 

Movie Facts:
Directed by Jason Reitman
Rated PG-13
Genre: Drama/Romance
Tagline: A comedy about growing up...and the bumps along the way.
Ellen Page - omg she looks so young
Michael Cera - awkward as always
Jennifer Garner- playing herself?
Jason Bateman- playing himself.
Allison Janney- perfect as stepmom.
JC Simmons- perfect as father.

Movie Thoughts:
I cannot remember if I saw this with Deirdre or my mom. Either way it was a bad choice. I remember all the tears! It's such a good movie though. I remember crying so much the first time I saw it.  Watching it now it doesn't make me cry as much, the ridiculous language Diablo Cody uses seems to shticky to me now. I feel like there are things in this movie that ring really true and things that don't.  I find Juno so dumb throughout this.  She was smart enough to con some guy into having sex with her but doesn't realize her relationship with the adoptive dad is getting inappropriate?  Also she's a terrible liar why does anyone believe her? Anyways good movie, annoying characters, all the tears.

Tyler's Rating: Just a B+

2008: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Movie Facts:
Directed by Woody Allen
Rated PG-13 (really? hard to imagine)
Genre: Drama/Comedy (again- really?
Tagline: Life is the ultimate work of art.
Scarlett Johannson as sexy- with an ulcer...
Penelope Cruz as sexy
Javier Bardem as sexy

Movie Thoughts:
I saw this movie shortly after it came out. I don't remember loving it but I remember liking it and thinking it spoke to me for lots of the time. Who knows how I'll feel now- let's watch!
What an interesting movie. Not completely what I remembered from it but I understand why I remembered it fondly. It's about two screwed up girls in love. Neither know what they want, they don't want what they think they want and they do want what they don't think they want. Love it.

Tyler's Rating: A-

2009: Up in the Air

Movie Facts:
Directed by Jason Reitman (repeat director!)
Rated R
Genre: Romance/Drama
Tagline: The story of a man ready to make a connection.
George Clooney - as sad and lonely
Vera Farmiga - as a cold bitch, who is also so beautiful! First time I saw her and thought she was gorgeous!
Anna Kendrick - as young and sad and naive and a really bad crier.

Movie Thoughts:
Bruce got this movie for my back a hundred years ago. I don't think he watched it with me. I can't remember if I cried, but I definitely know I found it depressing, but not nearly as depressing as I now find it. OMG. Ann Kendrick get your life together. George! What's wrong with you! You know I don't hate Vera Farmiga. I think in the past I would have, but you know I kinda understand. I think that's what depressed me when I first saw it. I understood how people could get there. But you just feel so bad for George! Of course you do. Your entire relationship was a lie and fake and just one woman's escape! How depressing! But in the end I feel like he gets what he wants and helps Anna Kendrick get what she wants but Vera hopefully doesn't. She's selfish and insensitive. So is this movie about how you need a co-pilot? Or is it about how you can only rely on yourself?

Tyler's Rating: A that makes you think.

20010: Repo Men

Movie Facts:
Directed by Miguel Sapochnik
Rated R
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Tagline: For a price, any organ in your body can be replaced. But it can also be repossessed.
Jude Law - look he grew a conscience
Forest Whitaker - crazy, jerk

Movie Thoughts:
We're in my Bruce movie saw this one with Bruce. We tried to watch the movie this was based off of first the Genetic Opera one? And it was so bad I didn't finish it I don't remember if he did, but it was bad, so anything was going to be better than that.  I remember when we first saw this I really liked it. I thought it was just a good fun B movie. Not the best acting in the world unless crazy jerk is what Forest Whitaker was going for...but anyways. I remember I bought the Blu Ray of it when it came out too because I enjoyed it, but now I can't find the Blu Ray so I rented it online and maybe because I had to pay $2.99 to watch it but I just didn't like it as much this time around.  The story is still fun repossessing people's organ's when they can't pay for them- good fun for all! I just found some of the violence sooooo gratuitous. Which I'm fine with it doesn't bother me, but it wasn't even good gratuitous violence! At the end when Jude Law takes out all those people, it's sooooooo not believable! Unlikes the rest of the movie, lol. I enjoy the soundtrack and like the story/plot stuff but it was just kinda weird.  Oooh there's also an awesome John Leguizamo cameo, I remember freaking out when I saw him because I hadn't seen him in anything in forever- so redeeming value? Maybe. Anyways

Tyler's Rating: B just be. Not bad, not good, just B.

Okay sorry these were out of order, when I watch PL I'll link it above too.  But we're almost done! This project maybe has 3 - 4 more posts left in it!  I'm excited to start the last 5 movies!!!!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

30:30:30: 2000 - 2005: Boondock Saints, Vanilla Sky, Signs, Finding Nemo, Garden State, & Walk the Line

Ooooh these years were tough too. You know some of the movies I didn't pick are my absolute favorites. These are some movies I love too but looking at all the movies I saw in these years explains so much about me! I feel like I should do a post about all the movies I didn't watch...but I'm not crazy so I wont.

PS Adult language follows...the next two movies are Rated R.

2000: The Boondock Saints

Movie Facts:
Directed by Troy Duffy
Rated R
Genre Drama, Action/Adventure...weird.
Tagline: Thy kingdom come, they will be done.
Norman Reedus- ha ha remember when you were on Charmed? I do.
Sean Patrick Flannery- hi you're pretty
Willem Fuckin' Dafoe- I love you.

The headphones and classical music again! (Like in Leon)
They look so young...I usually watch 1 and 2 back to back on St. Pat's so the last one I saw was 2...some of them didn't age as well...but they're still extremely hot in this one
Norman Reedus looks like a little kid when Sean Patrick Flannery is cuffed to the toilet...sad.
It was actually between this and Snatch...I guess both are kinda in the same genre
I love Willem Dafoe in this movie...well I guess and every movie. He's so sassy and fabulous.
Hey it's Ron Jeremy! I always forget he's in this movie-- in velvet.
There is some excellent cussing in this movie too.
You know what we need man- some rope!
Oh god remember when men wore those bright light blue jeans? Eeek please don't come back in fashion. Light wash jeans are never okay.
You see this in bad television- professionals don't do that. Yah logic works here Dafoe.
We're like 7/11 we're not always doing business but we're always open
They shoot a's sad. I need to cuddle my kitties... is it dead?
Il Duce even has the same rules as LEON! No women, no children!!!!! How have I never made this connection before!
There was a firefight! lol, he gets so into it. Why are his clothes so disheveled? Poor Dafoe he's so upset.
Remind me not to get shot and have to us an iron to cauterize the wounds.
Willem Dafoe in drag.

Movie Memory:
No idea when I saw this movie for the first time... but I remember watching it in college with my college boyfriend/fiance Ben. I even bought him a Boondocks Saints t-shirt that I never let him wear cause I always did. But we watched that movie probably an unnecessary amount of times.  I watch it every year for St. Patrick's day just a little early this year. But that's okay. I always enjoy Willem Dafoe's character and the brother's fake accents.

Tyler's Rating: A. Just a solid A.

2001: Vanilla Sky

Movie Facts:
Direct by Cameron Crowe
Rated R
Tagline: Abre los ojos.
Genre:Drama, Mystery/Suspense
Tom Cruise - I will always love you.
Penelope Cruz - Why are you so beautiful?
Jason Lee - Poor Jason Lee.
Cameron Diaz - You play crazy so well. Love it.

Favorite Line:
I think she's the saddest girl to ever hold a martini.


Can I tell you the truth? - Jason lee
Everybody does. - Tom Cruise

Movie Thoughts- rambling lucid dream style: 
God I love this movie. Tom Cruise, Radiohead, and Sigur Ros. Also everyone is in this movie, there are so many characters you've seen before and they're everywhere! There really are no unfamiliar faces which makes the whole dreamlike thing even more real. I saw this movie right when it came out, not in the theaters but when it was home released. I watched it a million times in High School and College but it's been a few years now and it's still so good. I have always felt like a knew pretty well what was real and what was unreal, but that doesn't really matter because what's real to David/Tom is what matters, what he feels and experiences is where it's at.  I love what it says about reading and technology and relationships and the future back 14 years ago. Also good music, that's a Cameron Crowe thing. Oh pleasure delayer! Oh god I remember that, I didn't agree with it at 16 and I still don't agree with it at 29. Do not deny yourself. Oh god Tom does the same hair grab in every film. What always gets me is that this is the one night they have together in her reality...but it's his reality that counts! LE. Wait we're supposed to believe he's 33? That's just a few years older than I'm supposed to be...I eternally see Tom Cruise as like 40 years old. Get out of the car! She's going's what chicks do- especially around you Tom. Oh I remember that line "when you sleep with someone your body makes a promise whether you do or not".  Oh the mask. Benny the fucking dog. Uuhhg and then it gets so sad! Dammit Penelope! And we lose our second reality...uhg it's like Inception we're 3 levels deep now! Or are we...or is this where he ended it...I swear Penelope Cruz doesn't look like she has an ounce of makeup on and she looks perfect! Okay overnight intermission, it's getting the totally nightmare part don't need that before bed....zzzzzz.... Okay restarting on Tuesday- St. Patrick's Day. Uuuuhggg it's so uncomfortable when his reality turns into a nightmare. Is he crazy, is Cameron Diaz crazy? Where is Penelope?!?  Uuuhg.  So here's one of the things it took me a while to get- it doesn't matter that the people in his alternate nightmare make no sense- so that's why it doesn't matter that alternate sophia/cameron/combo takes him back briefly before he kills her because none of it makes sense. She's acting like she wasn't beat up by him because she's a different creature, everytime we see Cameron/Sophia in the nightmare she's a different version of Cameron/Sophia- make sense? No? Good. It's such a nightmare! I really like Kurt Russell in this movie too he's a kinda good shrink. Even though he isn't a fully realized character (cause he isn't real) he's still good and makes good connections.  LE time! Tilda Swinton!!! The redhead that's in everything! (ahem of course that means Ally McBeal) Oh lucid dreams- this was such a buzz word in the early 2000s. Beach Boys! Tech Support! Ha ha reminds me of Medic in Starship Troopers! Uuuhg so sad! I hate seeing him kill himself that whole montage is sad. I hate the ending! I like that he chooses to go back but god the elevator scene kills me! Bad choice.  Seriously these movies are why I'm so screwed up! Oooh ends with Sigur Ros!

Tyler's Rating: A+ love. Love. love.

2002: Signs

Movie Facts:
Directed by M. Night Shyamalan
Rated PG-13
Genre: Scary Movie! Thriller/Drama
Tagline: It's happening.
Mel Gibson - no opinion really
Joaquin Phoenix - no opinion really- loved him in The Master

Movie Thoughts & Memory:
PS not looking forward to watching this...I don't like scary movies. But I saw A LOT of scary movies in 2002 that I never watched I haven't seen this one since the summer before my senior year of High School.

Oooh the opening credits are very retro- I like it!
Oh yah the dogs....uuuhg so sad
There's a monster outside my room can I have a glass of water?
Oh yah and he was a priest.
"Ahhh I'm insane with anger" lol
One of the 900 Culkin kids!
21 minutes and 5 seconds- time it took me to get a little scared.
Interesting right after the radio scene where the reporter says "they're signs intended to be seen from the sign" there's a bunch of arial shots where you see what natural signs are already there...interesting
I love when Joaquin becomes a tin foil guy! Damn baby monitor.
God I could never live on a farm, everything bad starts on farms.
Cannot watch the corn field scenes...too scary. NOPE NOPE NOPE!
Baby Culkin is a really good big brother.
Uuuuhg vamanos children! And not the pantry scene...time to go hang with friends...I'll finish this in the daylight....
Uuuhg I hate this why am I watching this- the aliens are in the house.
making noise to disract them
I totally forgot that the aliens leave over night....but not the one Mel cut off the finger from....uuuuhhhhggg! I hate this movie!
And the aliens were defeated by water...picked the wrong planet.
And he gets his faith back.

This feels like another movie I saw with my dad and sister. Gosh we saw lots of movies together. Why did they keep taking me to scary movies when they knew I was a wimp? Mean mean family.

Tyler's Rating: I can't rank this thing. It's a good movie just not one that I'd chose to watch again and again. I'm good for another 30 years.

2003: Finding Nemo

Movie Facts:
Directed by Pixar people
Rated G
Genre: Adventure/Comedy also it's a cartoon...
Al Brooks as the scaredy cat dad
Ellen Degeneres as forgetful and annoying, but helpful
The little boy from weeds as annoying

Movie Memory:
This is the first cartoon for the project- I think I'm only watching one more, but there are definitely a few on my list that I'm picking from. I saw this movie with my high school best friend and a few friends from work (IHOP).  We went during the summer one day when none of us were working. It was super fun, I remember we all really enjoyed it and we all cried together too. It's an adorable movie. I don't watch it as often as I used to, I feel like I watched it a lot in college and shortly after in the summers, but probably haven't seen it in a few years. My nephew hasn't discovered it yet.  This is one of those movies that I think entertains kids but means so much for adults. When you think about it it was perfectly timed for me going off to college, leaving my anemone and surviving on my own. Like most cartoons there are so many things that kids wont really get for a while but when you realize them and see them later you realize those cartoonist (but this is computer animated- are they still called cartoonists?) must have been having a lot of fun.  The AA fish meeting.  It's just a lot of fun.  And sad, but mostly fun.

Tyler's Rating: Awwwww A.

2004: Garden State

Movie Facts:
Directed by Zach Braff
Rated R
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Soundtrack as amazing.
Zach Braff as himself?
Natalie Portman as amazing also with curly hair
Peter Sarsgaard as a hot stoner.

Movie Memory:
I loved this movie in 2004 and I still love it. I used to make all my friends watch it in college. I saw it with my high school best friend too.  It's the perfect chick flick for your early 20s. Or you college years. It's what every little girl dreams of right? Some guy you meet over a weekend, you instantly fall in love with and change your entire life for one another. Uuuhg. Now I realize how improbably and silly that is, but in 2004 it made my heart all happy.  That was before I saw my other favorite Natalie Portman movie Closer- which is way way way more honest and another reason while I'll forever be screwed up- thanks Natalie! Anyways this movie is just a good sweet romantic comedy. I don't watch it very often but always enjoy it when I do.

Tyler's Rating: No-fuss A.

2005: Walk the Line

Movie Facts:
Directed by James Mangold
Rated PG-13
Genre: Musical, drama/romance
Tagline: Love is a burning thing.
Joaquin Phoenix as awesome
Reese Witherspoon as adorable and perfect.

Movie Memory:
I have a lot of memories associated with this movie. I don't know who I saw it with in the theatre, but I know who I've seen it the most with and that would be my good friend Jenn.  This was our hangover movie.  After I graduated from TLU we lived in the same apartment complex for a while and would take turns being hungover on each other's couches and this was the movie we'd put it. We'd watch most of it and nap through some of it.  But it's also a good movie.  We frequently quoted it to each other and every time I watch this movie I think of her.  Nobody plays the dulcimer anymore (yah it was an autoharp, but whatever we called it a dulcimer).  Also I remember after this movie all my blonde friends dyed their hair dar since it looked so good on Reese.

Some of our favorite lines were:
He said don't touch it! Don't think about touchin' it, don't sing about touchin' it, don't think about singin' about touchin' it!
-Am I going to hell? -No you're beautiful.
Get me out of this car with all these boys.
-Hey Jerry Lee, your mama know you're out? -She knows. She knows.
-Do you want to have one of these with me? -I don't know (proceeds to kiss him)

Tyler's Rating: A- I love this movie but there's just something.

That was a feat. I'm glad those movie years are behind us and we can now move on! Only 9 more movies and 10 more days. I'm taking 3 days off so that last week we'll have to do lots of watching.  Okay I'll pick it back up again when I get back from San Antonio.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

30:30:30: 1995 - 1999: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar, Mars Attacks, Starship Troopers, The Truman Show, and Office Space

10 years in feeling good. 30 is a lot of movies...I can't remember ever watching 30 movies in so short a period of time. But I am committed so I will do it. Hopefully the blog posts wont get too lazy, some in that last batch were but that's okay. 1996-2000 maybe I'll figure out a way to abbreviate the reviews more. I'll think about it. So lets get on with it.

1995: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar

Movie Facts:
Directed by Beeban Kidron
Rated PG-13 awww fun
Tagline: Attitude is everything.
Patrick Swayze -
John Leguizamo - he's got more legs than a bucket of fried chicken
Wesley Snipes -

Before Thoughts: Drag queens yes. Another movie I saw with my dad and sister. I remember thinking this was the funniest movie growing up. I don't remember ever thinking it was weird that these men were drag queens or anything and I don't remember it ever being a conversation.  I do remember John Leguizamo and how fabulous he was in this.  What ever happened to him?  I remember the plot pretty well. The story is these queens are on their way to a competition, their car breaks down in a small town and that small town does not welcome them because they're different.  They have prejudices and issues.  The drag queens try to help them all out and they do in a little way but it's about being who you are and not being ashamed, standing up for yourself and all those fun things.  I remember it just being an overall fun movie with a good little point. Let's watch!

After Thoughts:
 I remembered a lot of this movie. I don't think I watched it like a lot a lot when I was younger but I think it's just a story that sticks in your mind. I probably hadn't watched the whole movie since High School. I think I've seen bits and pieces again on TV a few times. It was entertaining. Not as funny as I remember.  But still enjoyable.  Yay for drag queens though- lots of fun quotes. Lots of words of wisdom. I don't really have a lot of after thoughts on this film because my initial impression holds I'm going to figure out a newish format for the upcoming movies, because I think as we get closer to now I'm going to remember more and it wont be as surprising as the 1980s and early 90s movies were...

Tyler's Rating:
 B movie B.

1996: Mars Attacks (PS this was a hard movie year to pick! Lots of good choices)

Movie Facts:
Directed by Tim Burton
Everyone was in this movie- Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Natalie Portman, Pierce Brosnon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Annette Bening, Danny DeVito, Michael J Fox, Martin Short and Tom Jones! Seriously every decided this would be a fun movie to be a part of.

"Prepare a speech, Abraham Lincoln meets Leave it to Beaver, kind of thing" - Jack Nicholson
"Didn't I tell you honey if I just stayed in place and never spoke up, good things were bound to happen." Military Alien Greeter who gets killed.
"I just want the people to know that they have 2 out of the 3 branches of government still working for them, and that ain't bad." -Jack Nicholson

Thoughts: Fun, silly movie. Good background movie for lazy Sunday afternoon laundry. I love all the random actors that came together for this movie it was so funny! I love Natalie Portman's fashion too so totally 90s, chunky sandals, flannel, baggy jeans, straight flat hair. Good job.  Also Jack Nicholson was awesome, as he always is.  Annette Bening's character was delightful as the spacey hippie.  Tom Jones flew the airplane, good for you. Martin Short was so so wrong...Michael J Fox died too soon.  Sarah Jessica Parker was adorable. Yah nothing bad to say.

Tyler's Rating: Strong A+ B movie.

1997: Starship Troopers

Movie Facts:
Directed By Paul Verhoeven
Rated R
Genre: Action/Adventure! Sci-Fi! Cult Movie- yes it's really a category apparently.
Tagline: The only good bug, is a dead bug.
Staring no one of mention...Collagen Lips and that chick who played the lawyer on Ally McBeal everyone referred to as The Teeth.

Movie Memory:
I have no idea when the firs time I saw this movie was, but I'm pretty sure I was in Middle School and it was with my sister. I remember it wasn't scary but it was definitely hilarious. Lines we stole and quoted from this movie included but are not limited to "Medic!", ""One day someone like me is going to kill you", "Do you want to know more?". Haley and I were kinda ridiculous about the movie too, we talked about it and why it was so great and so bad. At some point our stepbrother Michael got in on the conversation as well, he was a fan too. Haley always enjoyed discussing Collagen Lip's cut on her head and how it healed very quickly. Michael and I discussed the Medic situation, what was the medic going to do with the guy who got his head shot off? I want to know.

At some point this became my go to movie while I was sick. If I was sick this movie would always make me feel better. I probably hadn't watched it since moving to College Station, but it's just as good as I remember it, just as ridiculous and just as fun. Medic!

Tyler's Rating: Best A+ B movie ever!

1998: The Truman Show

Movie Facts:
Directed by Peter Weir
Rating PG
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Tagline: The story of a lifetime.
Jim Carrey - as poor Jim Carrey
Laura Linney - as horrible! How do you do that?
Ed Harris - as worse man alive!
Natascha McElhorne - as the unexplained love interest

Definitely hadn't seen this movie since like the 90s. It was still good. I remembered a lot of the plot so it wasn't as surprising, but I guess I still forgot some of the nuances. Jim Carrey and Laura Linney make no sense. If he was interested in what's her face then why did he marry Laura Linney. Also I don't know how time passed in the show, all of the sudden Laura Linney was just gone, I know they referenced it in the God bubble, but what happened. So you know many years later this kinda reminds me of Hunger Games with the reality TV tie in thing. I think having had to live with another dozen plus years of reality tv this is so less far fetched than it was in 1999.  Eh not bad, just not my favorite. Love Jim Carrey though he's great.

Tyler's Rating:  B+ eh, it'll do.

1999: Office Space

Movie Facts:
Directed by Mike Judge
Rated R
Genre Romance (really?), Comedy and Special Interest
Tagline: Work sucks.
Ron Livingston- why didn't he have a better career?
There are a bunch of people in this movie that were on Ally McBeal!!! That's always exciting.

Movie Memory:
So I've seen this movie a handful of times, but the viewing that will always stick out in my mind the most is my senior year of high school we watched this in my internship class.  I think it was our internship teacher's first year teaching that class and so for some reason thought this was appropriate for high school students, but again this is also the school that I ran into my principal at Starbucks and she knew I was skipping dance and recommended I bring back our teacher seems like a fake school sometimes.  Anyways. We watched this movie in that class and I remember all of us agreeing that cubicle life would never be an option for any of us.

Tyler's Rating:  B+ again eh, I can take it or leave it. It didn't age too well.


Okay it's time to enter the new millennium. The movie choices will get harder because these movies I will have seen more recently....  To catch up on the previous posts go here!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

30:30:30: 1994 Leon: The Professional

I've been looking forward to this one all week! I'm going over to my friend Linda's house to watch with her, Mark and Stacy. Also know as some of my favorite people in town and really good movie buddies.  I wont be obnoxious and bring my laptop to liveblog while we're watching but I will try to remember any excellent comments made during the viewing.

1994: Leon: The Professional

Movie Facts:
Directed by Luc Besson
Rated R
Natalie Portman as perfect.
Jean Reno as a caring killer.
Gary Oldman as evil, as usual.

Before Thoughts: I saw this movie like many on the list for the first time with my dad, probably at an age I was too young to watch it, like a lot on this list.  I probably saw it in 1996 I vaguely remember it being in one of his apartments in the summer with my sister.  What I remember of the story is Natalie Portman is orphaned when her parents are killed by mobsters. Leon lives in her building and kinda begrudgingly takers her in.  She's fascinated with everything he does and he doesn't want to take care of her but knows the mob is still after her because she was a witness so he wants to help protect her...I think.  He's a hitman and she slowly realizes this and wants him to help her get revenge maybe? I'm reaching here.  I remember there's the plant, a scene she dresses up like Madonna and then Gary Oldman does something. (please note my phone autocorrects Gary Oldman to Gary Old Man) In the end Leon gets killed and Natalie moves on with her plant.  That's all I got.

Comments heard during the screening: (names have be omitted to protect the guilty)
- oh y'all, a bolo tie...egregious
- He lies things to live
- Is that Sirius Black (don't worry we all judged her)
- Is her name Alice or Jane in this one?
- The music is at least good
- Why did you pick this movie?
- Oh the early 90s in all its glory
- My god he's French
- So there's no good cops?
- This is such a ridiculous movie
- What is wrong with you?
- I was on board with this movie before Sting

After Thoughts: I remembered this movie way wrong. It's probably been like 15 years since I've seen it so I guess that makes sense. But I forgot how totally everything is Natalie Portman's fault! Dammit women cannot win in these movies I've been watching, they just have to screw everything up.  But what I remembered accurately was Leon's feelings towards her and how she helped him regain some humanity and feel again- awwww.  Gary Oldman...oh Gary Oldman, my good friend Linda wants to know what you were taking in those pills, can you let us know?

So basically yes Natalie Portman goes to live with Leon when her parents are killed by corrupt drug dealing DEA officers. They are terrible. She then wants to learn to be a cleaner like Leon and he starts training her because that's appropriate for a 12 year old girl.  She falls in love with him and gets them kicked out of one of their hide outs.  But she's learning from him, they're having fun together, he starts to care about her and wants to protect her. She wants revenge on the people who killed her family, mostly her little brother he was four- jerks.  Because she goes and tries to take out the DEA at their they track them down to their apartment and basically blow up the whole fucking building.  There's a super fun shootout and death and Natalie Portman gets away and Leon gets revenge and takes out Gary. Good for him.

So basically this movie is not as amazing as I remember it being but its still really good and I really enjoyed it.  I don't mind the violence cause come on we've seen worse and I don't mind the lack of reality because hello did you see any action movies in the early 2000s? So those things didn't bother me, I guess what bothered me was what always bothers me in movies is when people make really stupid choices- TWICE! Omg you did it once learn something and don't do it again.  But that's not the movies fault.  Also everyone was super impressed by the score, it was beautiful. I loved the music in this movie, it really helped.  Also did anyone else notice the similarities of Gary Oldman's character's music obsession and Willem Dafoe's in Boondock Saints? This came out a few years before but still it instantly reminded me of it.

Tyler's Ranking: Hmmmm A-. My friends probably would have given it a B, but I'm still a fan.


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Saturday, March 7, 2015

30:30:30 1990-1993 Movies- Arachnophobia, City Slickers, Reservoir Dogs, and Falling Down

Okay it's time to start in on the 90s, I meant to start watching these on Wednesday but we'll take today March 5th to get it going.

1990: Arachnophobia:
Movie Facts:
Directed by Frank Marshall
Rated PG-13
Jeff Daniels as a spider fearing dad
John Goodman as the "yah I'm bad" exterminator
Big ass fake spiders with attitude and theme songs...
The rest of the cast made less of an impression
Tagline: Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude.

Before Thoughts: Okay so the last time I saw this movie was probably sometime in High School when it was on TV or something I can't imagine having seen this moving within the last 12 years.  I remember someone goes to South American and brings back fruit that a scary dangerous spider hitches a ride in.  This spider then comes to some small town (it's always a small town) and breeds with the biggest spider there to create super spider.  Super spider's children go out and kill people in a web like pattern away from Jeff Daniel's house.  Jeff Daniel just moved in I think and they have a wine cellar that's important in the end and a barn- nothing good ever comes from barns- and he has a hot teenage daughter who takes a shower and almost gets bit by a spider but John Goodman comes to the semi-rescue and squashes a bug on the porch. He also had like a super serum to kill spiders.  A football player dies, an old couple dies while eating popcorn...does a doctor die? Anyways the spider likes Jeff Daniel's wine cellar and there's a show down in the end with flames and a dancing spider.  Then they move?

I have pretty positive memories of this movie. I always found it very entertaining and sure it was a bit predictable but it was fun. I don't remember it being too terribly cheesy but I can't wait to see how wrong I was about that...I smell a delightfully A+ B movie!

After Thoughts: This movie made me jumpy! I'm not afraid of spiders or bugs or really any sort of creepy crawler thing, but I still found myself jumping lots and shrieking at this movie.  But it was all just fun stuff. I really enjoy this movie. It's just fun and silly and takes itself a little too seriously. But John Goodman for the win! OMG he's just the best part of it! I had the summary pretty accurate although the "hot" daughter was the Football Coach's daughter- whateves. And at the end when they move they have earthquakes to deal with.  The spiders are the end were super cheesy and poor production, but the littler spiders throughout looked really really life like- kinda like wolf-spiders.

Half way through the movie my friend Linda dropped by and she was mostly shocked about by how young Jeff Daniels as and commented on the clothing.  We both jumped and shrieked when the spiders were dropping from the ceiling.  But it was so laughable when the house was just covered in spiders, so not believable.  But it was fun.  Good Thursday night entertainment.

Tyler's Ranking: A grade B Movie. Not A+ but pretty darn good.

1991: City Slickers

Movie Facts:
Directed by Ron Underwood
Rated PG-13
Tagline: Yesterday they were businessmen, today they're cowboys, tomorrow they'll be walking funny.
Billy Crystal
That guy from When Harry Met Sally
That guy from Home Alone

Before Thoughts: Probably haven't seen this movie since the 90s. I remember it being about a group of friends having mid-life crisis-es and going on a Cattle Drive. Every year for their birthdays they do some stupid trip together and this year it's a Cattle Drive. They are all from the city so it's rough for some of them, but in the end they do it because of "friendship". I don't really remember the moral of this story actually. I remember Billy Crystal birth's a cow and on the trail ride there's like one woman.  The Ben and Jerry guys are there and they have a challenge over what ice cream goes best with what food.  They have to cross a river in a crazy storm, someone falls into some cactus and they all live happily ever after....yah that's all I got. Let's see how much I forgot :)

After Thoughts: Ehhh. This one didn't stand up to the test of time to me as much. I just wasn't too impressed. I thought parts were still funny. I remembered some but forgot a lot.  So the cattle drive guy dies! And Billy Crystal and his friends end up leading the cattle to the ranch they were headed to.  They get abandoned by the douchey cowboys and just drive them all themselves.  In the end all the guys figure out their lives and are no longer in their crisis moods and go home to better lives.  The cow Billy Crystal helps birth goes home with him too.  His name is Norman.  It was a very pretty cow.  Maybe this movie is why I've always liked cows so much.  But I also forgot that the guy from Home Alone was upset because he was stupid and had an affair with a young girl and got her pregnant.  They just kinda forgot about that part for the rest of the movie even though it was kinda a major part in the beginning.  The point of the whole movie and the cattle drive in general is you have to find that one thing that makes you happy that can sustain you...and that's the secret of life.

Tyler's Ranking: B solid, B. Good, not great.

1992: Reservoir Dogs

Movie Facts:
Directed by Quentin Tarantino
Rated R
Tagline: Every "dog" has its day.
Besides Steven Buscemi and Harvey Keitel I never really recognize the actor's name unless I have my phone handy. But I recognize Tim Roth when I see him...

Before Thoughts: I own this movie so it's sad I haven't watched it in probably 10 years...I own a lot of DVDs it happens. So what I remember is there are a bunch of guys brought together by a 'boss' to hold a heist. Something in the heist goes wrong, lots of people die or are arrested, but 3 guys make it back to the hide out or the safe house thing. The guy who's name I can't remember cuts off some guys ear cause he thinks he's the undercover cop.  All the guys have color names, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange, Mr. White. And the undercover cop is the one that gets shot and Harvey Keitel's character tries to help him.  I think Tim Roth's character lives even though he's the undercover and he was shot but I'm not too sure. I can't remember if everyone gets away in the end or if the cops raid the safe house. Who knows... so let's see!

After Thoughts: So I fell asleep...I may never know how it ends! Also Mr. Blonde is the guy I can never recognize.  I stayed awake for about 30 minutes. Just enough to notice how young Steve Buscemi looks and Harvey Keitel! So weird seeing them younger.  So since I fell asleep I guess I can talk about why I picked this movie. I probably saw this movie for the first time in High School after seeing Pulp Fiction, I did not like Pulp Fiction. Then I saw Four Rooms around the same time and really enjoyed some of it but not all. So then I watched Reservoir Dogs and have no idea why I liked it so much more. I still like it more...I think.  So sorry I fell asleep, I don't think I have time to watch it again, but that's okay. I'm ready to move onto the next phase of the 90s.  Also something I noticed in the first 30 minutes was that it doesn't matter that this movie took place in the 90s, there wasn't a lot of stuff that made you think oooh that's a 90s kinda timeless. I like that.

Tyler's Ranking:

1993: Falling Down

Movie Facts:
Directed by Joel Schumacher
Rated R
Drama; Action/Suspense
Michael Douglas- playing a nerdy guy who's been pushed too far, with a predisposition towards anger...yah I buy it
Robert Duval- playing a cop retiring because his annoying wife wants him too...yah I buy it
Barbara Hershey- playing the ex-wife to Michael Douglas' nerdy guy who's been pushed too far with a predisposition towards anger...I don't buy it

Movie Thoughts: I had a friend over for dinner and let him pick the movie. Out of my list and this is what he chose. So I didn't get to do my usual before thoughts and after thoughts, but here are some of my general thoughts.  When describing the movie before we started watching it I said, "Michael Douglas was a cubicle worker who's had enough. He walks out of his car in traffic and is trying to get home for his daughter's birthday". I mentioned something about the ex-wife and then that he basically goes on a downward spree breaking shit all over LA.  He was sold!

This movie was on my list because I remember when my dad first showed it to my sister and I. He thought it was hilarious and talked about how at some point lots of people feel this way, they just don't go on a terror spree throughout town.  But my dad used to do this impression of the fed up angry guy but in a really comedic way that always made us laugh and so this movie was kinda the embodiment of that character to me. I hadn't seen this movie probably in about 5-7 years. I've watched in in my 20s at some point but can't really remember when.

Love Robert Duval in everything but in this movie I really enjoyed him.  There's also this female cop in this movie who plays "the' female cop in LA in all the movies with cops in LA in the early 90s, she's also on Lost as you guessed it a female cop!  My whole female cop issue is kinda addressed in the movie which is funny, with the neo-nazi guy who asks why female cops aren't called officer-ess like actress.  She says because they just thought police officer covered it all.

One thing I'm noticing about all these movies right now is that I'm not missing technology in them. Sometimes you'll see a movie from the past and can't get over how much easier it would be with the internet or cell phones, but this and Arachnophobia I didn't really miss it. I think while they look dated because of costumes and well history I guess they don't feel as dated as say some of todays movies will when 15 years from now we aren't all obsessed with iPhone and Social Media as we are today. I feel like some movies just stand up better.

My dinner guest really enjoyed the movie too he thought it was a dark comedy.  Which is kinda accurate as well. He was able to figure out the ending after about thirty minutes into the film.  Overall good movie. 93 was a hard year to pick from. I think I'd seen a lot of 93 movies recently.

Tyler's Ranking:

Next up watching Leon with some friends for 1994. I'm super excited.

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