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30:30:30 1986-1989 Movies- Short Circuit, Lost Boys, Heathers, and Say Anything

Okay so I'm going to try to knock out the 80s while doing laundry and cleaning the house. This week will be pretty busy so I don't know how many movies I'll get to before the next weekend.  So here we go!

1986: Short Circuit

Movie Facts:
Directed by John Badham
Movie tagline: Something wonderful has happened...No. 5 is alive!
Steve Guttenberg - he's played this character before
Ally Sheedy - I kinda like some of her clothes

Before Thoughts: I had this movie on VHS for the longest time growing up and think the last time I watched it was probably middle school or early high school. I remember it being about an escaped government robot who wanders into Ally Sheedy's house and starts looking for "input" it learns by watching and reading and it can imitate. I think Steve Guttenberg works for the government and is trying to get it back.  I think it almost dies at some point but they are able to fix it...don't really remember how it ends but I think it's a happy ending... sometimes I get it confused with Short Circuit 2- cause that one there's a wharehouse and he makes like miniature robots I think... on with the show!

After Thoughts:
Oh this was bad...seriously. So I remembered the story pretty much. Guttenberg ends up being a good guy in the end. But can we please talk about the horribly racist white/indian guy?!? OMG it was terrible! This actor has been in a million things why did he play a horrible stereotype in this.  Anyways Ally Sheedy looks just like she did in Breakfast Club so that was entertaining. The special effects were sad and bad, but that's okay. Again glad this movie was short too.  Now they're off to Montana...Short Circuit 2 is not on my to watch list during this project.  Really no sequel was needed.

Tyler's Ranking:   B-

1987: The Lost Boys

Movie Facts:
Directed by Joel Schumacher
Movie Tagline: Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It’s fun to be a vampire.
Kiefer Sutherland - international vampire spy
Corey Haim - less annoying than the other Corey
Corey Feldman - the annoying one
Jamie Gertz - as the same character from Less than Zero- right? of course her name is Star

Before thoughts: I probably haven't seen this movie since High School. I know Haley used to like it and that's probably how I ended up seeing it.  Vampires, absent parents, annoying teen "heartrhobs" the Coreys. I remember the soundtrack being really good.  Of the story what I remember is there's two brothers who move somewhere near a boardwalk with their mom and they used to be close, but the brother falls in with the wrong crowd- vampires- and falls in love with like the head vampire's girlfriend, and then Corey Feldman and his friend convince the younger brother they have to kill them vampires or something...is this one of those movies that doesn't really have a happy ending? I hope so cause Short Circuit was too cheesy.

A Few Live Thoughts: (I'm doing laundry and trying to clean so I'll throw in a few thoughts here and there)
- Diane West really? Wow totally did not remember she was in this
- Did Jason Patric ever do anything again?
- Awwww brotherly love!
- Words of wisdom "if you read the TV guide you don't need a TV"
- Oh no, spandex...and body grease this is not good
- OMG the outfits- next ear for Halloween I'm going as Corey Haim in Lost Boys
- Look it's Richard Gilmore!
- Corey Haim taking a serious bubble bath...
- How old is Corey supposed to be? I'm so confused...
- Ewwwww he bit his head...
- Garlic Holy Water...okay
- This reminds me I need a dog when I move home...my cats aren't very protective
- Ewwwwwwwwww
- This song is so creepy
- I want her hair

After thoughts:  Ehhh. Like all movies...from the 80s...or from forever. Why do these people fall in love?!? Like seriously you just see a chick dancing to some sweaty guy in spandex and all of the sudden you're in love?  Why was she with David to begin with? He had bad bleached hair!  So this is an excellent example of a great bad movie. It definitely wasn't good, but it wasn't painfully bad.  Very entertaining and the best costumes. Apparently I remembered the plot I needed to.  It was mom's new boyfriend who was the head vampire...figures. It's always a woman's fault.

Tyler's Ranking : A for a B movie.

1988: Heathers

Movie Facts: 
Directed by Michael Lehmann
Movie tagline: Best friends, social trends and occasional murder.
Winona Ryder being angsty
Christian Slater being weird and Jack Nicholson-y
Shannen Doherty being a bitch

Before thoughts:  I was probably in college the first time I saw this movie and have probably seen it more recently than the last three. A bunch of girls name Heather are in a clique and after one dies of an apparent suicide there are copy cats.  The one chick not named Heather in the group is basically responsible because her new boyfriend Christian Slater is a horrible influence...also she's kinda a freak and shouldn't be friends with the Heathers anyways.  So basically it's the 80s mean girls right?  Eh we'll see. However it does contain a lot of my favorite one liners "what's your damage" and "gag me with a spoon".

After thoughts: Oh yah it's actually just them that kill everybody. The fashion is fabulous, the music is synthesized.  I love the priest it's that one guy and he's fabulous. Blowing up a school is obviously not something that would have gone over well in the 90s. It was also fun to watch all the teenage smoking. I feel like not a lot of my friends smoked in High School. The parents all suck, cause apparently they don't hear people breaking into their daughter's rooms in the morning to kill them! Also they have bomb equipment in their homes with their sociopathic children. Excellent parenting all around. Good job.

Tyler's Ranking: B+

1989: Say Anything

Movie Facts:
Directed by Cameron Crowe
John Cusack being himself
Ione Skye as the only character where she didn't have to act
The old guy from Fraiser

Before Thoughts: Ummm it's another teen movie. I'm in a rut and I'm only 4 years in! So it's another movie where people fall in love for no reason, they're compatible for no reason.  So girl falls for guy for some stupid reason. They have sex and she tries to break up with him. He doesn't take no for an answer. Her dad is evading the IRS and then they leave for London together.  She's really smart, he's what happens to millennials in the early 2000s. And that's all I got.

After Thoughts: Ummm why did I start crying in this middle of this! So good. This movie was way better than I remembered it.  Stands the test of time nicely. So guy falls for girl for some stupid reason not the other way around. I think Ione's character is so unlikeable! I really dislike her. Why does she break up with Lloyd? I mean really, her dad is the douche, she tells him everything and he still doesn't get it! I mean come on. Who tell's their dad that much... Also the pen! OMG so annoyed with the damn pen. But Lloyd reminds me of this Mixed CD a High School friend made me when I was in college "Songs where the guy hurts" it's a great mixed CD I still have it on my Google Music.  But it's all about when the guys are left with questions and all WTF after girls do stupid stuff like break up with them after sex. But I still love this movie I mean Lloyd may not be the perfect guy, because really what the hell is he going to do with his life, but his adoration of the useless Diane Court is admirable.

Tyler's Ranking: A. Just an A.  Good all around movie.


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