Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I have a problem with TV shows...

I don't really think it's a problem, my sister and Bruce might think it's a problem, but I think it's just another reason why spending money on cable is not necessary.  I own a lot of DVDs, I like movies, but I also own a ton of TV shows on DVDs because I can watch certain TV shows over an over.  When TV series end I get really sad because I am definitely one of those people that gets too emotionally involved with their TV shows.

My first major TV on DVD purchase was Ally McBeal, the show ended when I was in high school and I remember watched it over and over on syndication.  Then my junior year of college I found it online, it was close to $200 but I didn't care I needed those DVDs! When I got it I was ecstatic and watched them back to back over a period of a week.  I was kinda disappointed because they were burnt copies, and a couple of them had a few glitches.  It didn't bother me too much though because I was just happy that I had them.  Now the real DVDs are out and I really want to replace my crappy burned copies but I'll be patient for those and get them eventually I'm sure.

I have a couple of complete series- I have all the Sex and the City seasons, all the Gilmore Girls but I got those as they came out.  Every summer when they'd get released on DVD I'd buy them.  Sometimes when I think of all the money I spent on those seasons it does make my head spend a little bit but I get over it when I think of all the fabulous memories the shows bring up.  I remember watching the series finale of Sex and the City with my first college roommate.  I remember watching the 6th season of Gilmore Girls with my friends Liz and Rachel from choir at TLU.  So to me its another investment in my memories.

I have a lot of seasons that I've bought up to date- Weeds, Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, Glee...I am buying these as they come out.  Shows like Lost and Battle Star Galactica I'm working my way back from.  I have some of the seasons but not all of them- so I'm working on it.  The Black Donnellys was just a one season series so of course I have that and then I have a couple of TV movies that are too awesome not to own like The 10th Kingdom and the 1985 versions of Alice in Wonderland.

Last night however I was able to get an entire series for an unbelievably low price at CD Exchange- in fact it was a collectors edition of a series too.  Charmed. Yes THAT Charmed.  The one about the 3 sisters that are witches- with Alyssa Milano and Hollie Marie Combs and eventually Rose McGowan.  I loved that show.  I used to make Haley watch it with me when it was in syndication while my mom cooked dinner and rolled her eyes at us.  But it was so good! I got the entire series last night for like $86 there were 49 discs! So I got $10 off.  It came in this super awesome book case that has cool drawings of the demons they killed.  I was in nerd girl heaven.  Then I Bruce started looking at me like I was crazy and I had to buy him the first season of Batman the animated series as a hush bribe so he'd stop looking at me like I was the crazy girl who just bought the complete 8 season set of Charmed.

That show started when I was in middle school and didn't end till I was in college! It couldn't have been that bad...well maybe parts of it were but still I'm super excited about my purchase.  Looking back at it all spelled out it does look like I might have a small problem, but hey if it keeps me from having to pay for cable I'm all for it.  Why do I need cable when I own a million DVDs and have the internet?