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30:30:30: 1995 - 1999: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar, Mars Attacks, Starship Troopers, The Truman Show, and Office Space

10 years in feeling good. 30 is a lot of movies...I can't remember ever watching 30 movies in so short a period of time. But I am committed so I will do it. Hopefully the blog posts wont get too lazy, some in that last batch were but that's okay. 1996-2000 maybe I'll figure out a way to abbreviate the reviews more. I'll think about it. So lets get on with it.

1995: To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar

Movie Facts:
Directed by Beeban Kidron
Rated PG-13 awww fun
Tagline: Attitude is everything.
Patrick Swayze -
John Leguizamo - he's got more legs than a bucket of fried chicken
Wesley Snipes -

Before Thoughts: Drag queens yes. Another movie I saw with my dad and sister. I remember thinking this was the funniest movie growing up. I don't remember ever thinking it was weird that these men were drag queens or anything and I don't remember it ever being a conversation.  I do remember John Leguizamo and how fabulous he was in this.  What ever happened to him?  I remember the plot pretty well. The story is these queens are on their way to a competition, their car breaks down in a small town and that small town does not welcome them because they're different.  They have prejudices and issues.  The drag queens try to help them all out and they do in a little way but it's about being who you are and not being ashamed, standing up for yourself and all those fun things.  I remember it just being an overall fun movie with a good little point. Let's watch!

After Thoughts:
 I remembered a lot of this movie. I don't think I watched it like a lot a lot when I was younger but I think it's just a story that sticks in your mind. I probably hadn't watched the whole movie since High School. I think I've seen bits and pieces again on TV a few times. It was entertaining. Not as funny as I remember.  But still enjoyable.  Yay for drag queens though- lots of fun quotes. Lots of words of wisdom. I don't really have a lot of after thoughts on this film because my initial impression holds I'm going to figure out a newish format for the upcoming movies, because I think as we get closer to now I'm going to remember more and it wont be as surprising as the 1980s and early 90s movies were...

Tyler's Rating:
 B movie B.

1996: Mars Attacks (PS this was a hard movie year to pick! Lots of good choices)

Movie Facts:
Directed by Tim Burton
Everyone was in this movie- Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Natalie Portman, Pierce Brosnon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Annette Bening, Danny DeVito, Michael J Fox, Martin Short and Tom Jones! Seriously every decided this would be a fun movie to be a part of.

"Prepare a speech, Abraham Lincoln meets Leave it to Beaver, kind of thing" - Jack Nicholson
"Didn't I tell you honey if I just stayed in place and never spoke up, good things were bound to happen." Military Alien Greeter who gets killed.
"I just want the people to know that they have 2 out of the 3 branches of government still working for them, and that ain't bad." -Jack Nicholson

Thoughts: Fun, silly movie. Good background movie for lazy Sunday afternoon laundry. I love all the random actors that came together for this movie it was so funny! I love Natalie Portman's fashion too so totally 90s, chunky sandals, flannel, baggy jeans, straight flat hair. Good job.  Also Jack Nicholson was awesome, as he always is.  Annette Bening's character was delightful as the spacey hippie.  Tom Jones flew the airplane, good for you. Martin Short was so so wrong...Michael J Fox died too soon.  Sarah Jessica Parker was adorable. Yah nothing bad to say.

Tyler's Rating: Strong A+ B movie.

1997: Starship Troopers

Movie Facts:
Directed By Paul Verhoeven
Rated R
Genre: Action/Adventure! Sci-Fi! Cult Movie- yes it's really a category apparently.
Tagline: The only good bug, is a dead bug.
Staring no one of mention...Collagen Lips and that chick who played the lawyer on Ally McBeal everyone referred to as The Teeth.

Movie Memory:
I have no idea when the firs time I saw this movie was, but I'm pretty sure I was in Middle School and it was with my sister. I remember it wasn't scary but it was definitely hilarious. Lines we stole and quoted from this movie included but are not limited to "Medic!", ""One day someone like me is going to kill you", "Do you want to know more?". Haley and I were kinda ridiculous about the movie too, we talked about it and why it was so great and so bad. At some point our stepbrother Michael got in on the conversation as well, he was a fan too. Haley always enjoyed discussing Collagen Lip's cut on her head and how it healed very quickly. Michael and I discussed the Medic situation, what was the medic going to do with the guy who got his head shot off? I want to know.

At some point this became my go to movie while I was sick. If I was sick this movie would always make me feel better. I probably hadn't watched it since moving to College Station, but it's just as good as I remember it, just as ridiculous and just as fun. Medic!

Tyler's Rating: Best A+ B movie ever!

1998: The Truman Show

Movie Facts:
Directed by Peter Weir
Rating PG
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Tagline: The story of a lifetime.
Jim Carrey - as poor Jim Carrey
Laura Linney - as horrible! How do you do that?
Ed Harris - as worse man alive!
Natascha McElhorne - as the unexplained love interest

Definitely hadn't seen this movie since like the 90s. It was still good. I remembered a lot of the plot so it wasn't as surprising, but I guess I still forgot some of the nuances. Jim Carrey and Laura Linney make no sense. If he was interested in what's her face then why did he marry Laura Linney. Also I don't know how time passed in the show, all of the sudden Laura Linney was just gone, I know they referenced it in the God bubble, but what happened. So you know many years later this kinda reminds me of Hunger Games with the reality TV tie in thing. I think having had to live with another dozen plus years of reality tv this is so less far fetched than it was in 1999.  Eh not bad, just not my favorite. Love Jim Carrey though he's great.

Tyler's Rating:  B+ eh, it'll do.

1999: Office Space

Movie Facts:
Directed by Mike Judge
Rated R
Genre Romance (really?), Comedy and Special Interest
Tagline: Work sucks.
Ron Livingston- why didn't he have a better career?
There are a bunch of people in this movie that were on Ally McBeal!!! That's always exciting.

Movie Memory:
So I've seen this movie a handful of times, but the viewing that will always stick out in my mind the most is my senior year of high school we watched this in my internship class.  I think it was our internship teacher's first year teaching that class and so for some reason thought this was appropriate for high school students, but again this is also the school that I ran into my principal at Starbucks and she knew I was skipping dance and recommended I bring back our teacher seems like a fake school sometimes.  Anyways. We watched this movie in that class and I remember all of us agreeing that cubicle life would never be an option for any of us.

Tyler's Rating:  B+ again eh, I can take it or leave it. It didn't age too well.


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