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College Movie Project: Fantasy and Kids Movies

Fall 2005: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Movie Facts:
Directed by Mike Newell
Google Genre: Fantasy/Mystery
Movie Tagline: Difficulty times lie ahead, Harry.
Actors: The most perfectly cast children ever in the history of anything. I really don't need to talk about them do I? Emma Watson became the best role model for any smart, confident girl ever. Rupert Grint made dating redheads okay again. Daniel Radcliffe plays internal struggle so well. 

Before Rewatch: 
In fall 2005 I was an RA in the Freshman girls dorm Baldus at TLU. This was the dorm I'd been a Freshman in too. I didn't really know or remember my RAs, but I wanted of course to be the best RA. My door decorations were super elaborate and I always had very unconventional programming (we were required to do so many a month). So I decided to take a group of my residents to San Antonio to see Harry Potter on opening night. There were only about 5 of us that went but it was awesome! I hadn't read the books at this time so I didn't know anything about what was going to happen. But knowing that I was a super scaredy cat one of my residents warned me about the maze scene that would make me jump and told me. I had already screamed in the great lake scene. But this was such a fun little field trip to make with a group of students and would be very familiar a few years later when I got to rent out an entire movie theatre to show an advanced screening of Harry Potter for my students at SAC. 

After Rewatch:
I love all the Harry Potter movies and had never watched one out of order before. While HP and Prisoner of Azkaban is the one Hail and I always talk about them being uncomfortable in their adolescence with, this one they're also pretty uncomfortable with it too. Hermione comes into her own and is just so beautiful and mature. The boys have super shaggy hair, I think it gets worse in Order of the Phoenix, but it's pretty bad here too. Maggie Smith is delightful as always and there are just so many fun moments. This is the first of the HP movies that ends on such a downer note and it only gets darker from here, so it was nice that there was so much lightness and levity in this one. 

Fall 2005: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

Movie Facts:
Directed by Andrew Adamson
Google Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Movie Tagline: Aslan is on the move.
Actors: Again delightfully cast children in this film. I haven't really seen them in anything else since this but that's okay because they're perfect here. Tilda Swinton as the White Witch is also perfect and beautiful and creepy and evil. Love her.

Before Rewatch:
I hadn't read the books and wouldn't for another 6 years. I had seen The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe as a stage play as a kid but I hadn't really thought about it for years till I saw the movie. I remember loving the movie from first watch, it's so pretty and fantastical. I cried when Aslan was killed and remember I didn't make the religious parallels till much later. Yes, yes, even with all the sons of adam and daughters of eve things...I don't know I'm just not one to make religious parallels easily I guess. I don't think at the time we were as obsessed with sequels so I don't think I knew there would be more movies. Years later I'd be so upset when I realized they weren't continuing the series right away because they are so good! 

After Rewatch:
Now I can't stop seein ghte religious meaning in it. I see sacrifice and the god and selflessness and so much in it. Aslan is a god I can behind, he takes care of his people but also lets things happen to them and to see their chocies.

This is a Christmas movie, if you don't believe me that's fine. But I love it. A few years ago I read all the books, I was probably 25 or so and I remember loving them so much and crying at the end. I still love these movies though and find them beautiful. I can't wait for my niece and nephew to watch them and read the books. I often wonder what it would be like to experience them as a child. What is that quote about the reading you do as a child as being some of the most important reading of your life...So I have friends who feel that way about the Narnia books, they read them as children and they became a part of so many children in the last 20 years with the Harry Potter books. But I'm supposed to be talking about the movie right? I love it. It's lovely and totally a Christmas movie. 

Fall 2004: The Incredibles

Movie Facts:
Directed by Brad Bird
Google Genre: Action/Adventure (animated)
Movie Tagline: Save the day.
Actors: Voice actors...actors with very distinct voices- They're all great.

Before Rewatch:
My sophomore year of college on October 24, 2004 my college roommate was killed. She died while running with a classmate on Highway 90 near the TLU campus. She was a cross country runner and we were roomates our freshman year and planned to live together all throughout our time at TLU and in grad school too. We both wanted to be teachers. This movie came out two weeks after her death and about 3 weeks after a group of our friends decided we needed to go see it. It was the first time I laughed after she died. We laughed and then cried but it was exactly what I needed. I stopped hanging out with most of my friends as much after that, it was too hard. But as much as I love this movie I don't watch it very much. I've probably watched it 3 times since then, but I bought because of what it means. To me it reminds me of the worst year of my life but it's a lovely movie that shows what it means to be a hero.

After Rewatch:
I hadn't seen this movie in years. I tried to watch it with my nephew reccently but he wasn't really interested. It's never been one of my favorite Pixar's but because of it's sentimental value I love it. It has parts that are really funny - I love the end when Dash is trying to run and he keeps having to speed up and slow down. I also love Edna their costume designer she's fabulous. Frozone's "Where is my super suit" and his never seen wife's "why do you need to know!" still makes me laugh. I think it's fun but it's too damn long, omg why is this children's movie 9 hours? It's actually 2 hours but that's still too damn long. Jason Lee is delightful and who doesn't love Holly Hunter, I could listen to her voice for hours, she's awesome. 

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