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College Movie Project: Stranger Than Fiction Fall 2006

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Fall 2006: Stranger Than Fiction

Movie Facts:
Directed by Marc Forster

Google Genre: Fantasy/Drama 
Movie tagline: Harold Crick isn't ready to go. Period. 
Will Ferrell being not funny- I mean he's funny too, but it's a serious role (also I will never not first call him Colin Farrell)
Emma Thompson who is a goddess and I love her.
Maggie Gyllenhaal who always annoys me- why is she a love interest ever! but I love her husband. 

Before the Rewatch:

Monday night? I laid out all the movie choices on my coffee table and let the man in my life pick one since obviously I'd be watching all of them. Me to the man in my life- "you haven't seen it? It's so good!"...that's it. Apparently I sold it/he already wanted to watch it- whatever.

The next day talking to my sister she said "oh I don't think I've seen that" and I reminded her that she vehemently refused to see it with daddy and I. Dad and I went to see it back over Christmas break that year and she wanted nothing to do with it. After I shared the summary she said "oh yah that doesn't sound like something I'd like" and I STILL disagree, she would like it. I really enjoyed it, dad thought it was weird but enjoyed Dustin Hoffman's role and he always likes when funny people play drama roles. 

After the Rewatch:
The man in my life laughed a lot during this movie. There were a couple of places where I re-laughed. I can't remember if I cried the first time I saw it- I could see myself crying back then, but now I'm just touched, it's sweet. I love the ending and think it's all really touching. I love when Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson's characters finally meet and hope they got together after that scene. (cheese city I know) Queen Latifah is fairly forgettable in her role but has some good moments. It's nice she wants to help Emma Thompson kill Harold...kinda. 

My favorite scene back then was when Harold brings Ana "flowers". I always loved that! Now I just roll my eyes but that's also probably because I have a really screwed up sense of not screwed up I just don't like most romantic things is what it actually is.

Now my favorite scene is probably the one right after that, Ana makes Harold dinner and as she's cleaning up he starts playing her guitar and she walks back in and jumps him. Much more realistic to me.

The funniest parts to me were either after Harold finds out he's going to die and he runs back to his apartment "Harold frantically grabbed his lamp. Harold, incensed, shook the hell out of it for no apparent reason" or when he's trying not to move the plot along and watches a days worth of Discovery channel where animals are being violently eaten- then a wrecking ball finds him.  

Final Thoughts:
I still really like this movie. It's not very frequent on my rotation but every once in a while I pick it up for it's dry humor. If you know my movie taste you know comedy is so not my thing, I like thoughtful comedy and typical Will Ferrell movies are not my thing (and yes sometimes I do say that in a really mean way- sorry). I love all the Spoon songs sprinkled throughout and just find it entertaining. 

So good job 2006 starting things off well. 

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