Thursday, September 15, 2016

1,461 Days Ago.

4 years ago I started a series of day posts...They're only days. It was in reaction to my impending divorce and move to BCS. I went back 6 years for that one. But I have always been a little bit obsessed with important days, dates, nostalgia and the like. I don't think I live in the past but I can't help remembering it- constantly. Okay maybe it's a problem. Lets look at some days!

313 days ago I told my apartment complex in BCS I'd be ending my lease May 30, 2016...I didn't have a job yet, but by hook or by crook I was heading home at the end of May.

243 days ago I got into Law School! St. Mary's Law School- the only one I wanted to go to. Where my dad went and of course back home in San Antonio. I cried hysterically, called my dad and he totally lacked enthusiasm because he had no doubt I would get in- THANKS DAD! Then I called everyone else and we all cried together.

Shit was getting real.

215 days ago I accepted my position at Palo Alto on the phone at 5:05 PM and proceeded to cry on Greg and Andrew's shoulders for another half hour freaking out about life.

183 days ago I left College Station. I thought my decision to leave San Antonio was hard, this was harder. I voluntarily left to pursue a new job, law school, and most importantly being with my family more.

These past 9 months have been amazing. They've also been incredibly challenging. Like when I moved to BCS it's hard to make new friends, start a new job knowing no one and of course not having your wine drinking friends by your side is just the worst! (Miss you my ladies that drink!) But these months have been filled with laughter and tears and love and hugs and more tears and music and stress and delicious REAL Mexican Food. So it's all worth it.

I don't have any major insights or anything but I'm weird about dates and couldn't just let it go by.

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