Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What did I see in 2014? Movie Edition.

One of the many things I love about College Station are the $4 movies.  I see a lot of movies here.  Probably not a lot by some standards but for me it's a lot. Especially since at home I probably only saw a handful a year. Here I saw movies I really wanted to see and movies I wasn't that interested in because they're so cheap!  Unless you go to the IMAX, that's normal price.  The cheap movies are so important it was brought up in my interview with A&M 2.5 years ago. So here's what I saw-

  1. Frozen* - love
  2. The Monuments Men - meh
  3. The Grand Budapest Hotel* - LOVE
  4. Captain America: Winter Soldier - uhg
  5. Divergent - NO
  6. The Fault in the Stars - why?!? I'm still crying.
  7. Maleficent - okay
  8. Jersey Boys - okay (I did buy the cheap DVD at Target)
  9. Guardians of the Galaxy* - LOVE
  10. This is Where I leave You - Good
  11. Gone Girl* - GREAT
  12. The Book of Life - Awwwwww
  13. Big Hero 6* - Love- still crying 
  14. The Hunger Games- Mockingjay Part 1 - NO, No, no
  15. Interstellar* - YES!
  16. Into the Woods - NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO no, well maybe. 

Most of these movies I went to with friends which is nice. I thinkI only saw one of these movies alone and that was The Fault in the Stars- I was a sobbing mess it was fine to be alone for that one. The rest were with friends. 2013 that wouldn't have been the case, I saw tons of movies alone then.

Now out of these movies there was really only one I saw that I didn't want to see- Captain American- I'm not a fan.  So again that's kinda interesting.  There was also only one movie that was outright terrible and that was Divergent.  It was bad. Bad bad. So bad I don't really want to see the other movies...but I probably will I like to finish series.

My favorite movies are starred.  But Interstellar wins, even though my friends didn't like it, but I loved it! I want to see it again it was so good.  Big Hero 6 was awesome and I can't wait to show it to my nephew when it comes out on DVD.  Gone Girl was great, for a book adaptation it didn't piss me off.  Guardians of the Galaxy also awesome and I have already gotten to watch it with my nephew- he enjoyed it I think. Grand Budapest Hotel was great. I got to see it with another Wes Anderson fan so that was awesome and it was just so enjoyable.  Then Frozen cause who doesn't like Frozen?

There were lots of book adaptations this year and only 2 I can say I liked. Monuments Men I think was one, Divergent SUCKED as a movie and an adaptation, The Fault in our Stars was such a good adaptation I told people if they saw the movie they didn't need to read the book or if they read the book they really didn't need to see the movie. BECAUSE THEY WERE EXACTLY THE SAME.  This is Where I Leave You was an okay adaptation, I still enjoyed it. Gone Girl was awesome.  Hunger Games which I saw twice was not a good adaptation.

I think it was a good year in movies. There were a few I missed I wanted to catch, but I'll probably see them later. I saw pretty much all the ones I really wanted to see in theaters so that's good.  Here's to 2015 and more cheap movies in College Station.

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