Tuesday, January 15, 2013

4 months in BCS

How have I already been here four months? And what the hell do you mean it's only been four months it feels like a year.  I got back and forth daily between loving this place and hating it.

Going home for break was of course great but two weeks in SA was both too long and way too short.  I was looking forward to coming back but really only for work reasons.  I'm trying to stay here till my birthday and not go running home before then, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it.  I have visitors coming in February which is nice but I wish some of them were coming this month instead cause my apartment is cold and lonely.

The cats are crazy and super frisky with the cold weather.  They have ridiculous amounts of energy and I have a cold.

There have been more days...
123 days ago I picked up my life and moved to BCS
121 days ago I started my amazing new job at TAMU- love it.
68 days ago I went home for the first time to watch Isaac with mama
56 days ago I went home for Thanksgiving and spent 5 glorious days in SA
27 days ago I went home for 14 days
20 days ago my divorce was finalized
13 days ago I came back to BCS
12 days ago I went back to work- yay
8 days ago I moved into my permanent office- double yay
1 day ago the students returned
2 days from now daddy is coming up for a visit (well work but he'll visit too)
16 days from now I have my first visitor of the year
23 days from now mama is coming to visit
72 days from now I go home for the first time this year (hopefully I'll be strong and wait)

One day I'll stop counting days I'm sure...

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