Saturday, November 3, 2012

On Day 3 I was kinda lazy

My apartment is a good place to be lazy in.  My house in San Antonio...not so much.  I always felt guilty when I was lazy around the house in SA, I felt like I should be gardening or cooking or entertaining.  I don't have that problem with the apartment.

I moved from a 3 bedroom 2 bath house with a nice backyard I never used, to a 2 bedroom 1 1/4 bath apartment with a nice balcony that mama's used, but I haven't except for laundry.  The cats like the apartment, they love to look out the windows and sleep under the guest bedroom bed.  They wrestle at all hours of the night and like to climb into cabinets and disrupt things.  I'm glad they're here with me.

My apartment has a bookshelf that's mostly full of my DVDs.  1/2 DVDs and 1/4 pictures and another 1/4 books.  I don't really buy a lot of books anymore but I have my favorites.  It makes the living room feel homey.  Homey and makes me feel lazy, like I just wanna lie on the couch and read.

The kitchen is small, but big enough for just me, I can make my pasta salad and dump cake so really what else do I need room for.  I need a dining room table but its kinda a small space so I'm doing okay without it.

The location is perfect, 4.6 miles from work it takes me less than 10 minutes to get there- without traffic- with traffic it takes me 12.  I've never lived this close to work before it's totally spoiling me for the future.

But its a good place to be lazy, just to sit back drink a beer, watch Netflix or read on my nook.  Nothing exciting, just calm and lazy.

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