Sunday, November 4, 2012

I never pay for TV

I'm a closeted TV junkie.  I can sit and watch hours of TV if given the chance.  I think we had cable when I was very little and then again in High School after I made good enough grades.  I have serious sloth tendencies so not having cable for the majority of my childhood was probably a really good idea.  I had cable again in college, TLU piped it into every room, but I was a very diligent student and didn't let it distract me too much.  After college I didn't really see the need for cable TV.  I worked ridiculous hours that didn't allow for much TV watching and the TV I did watch was all network anyways.  Also my DVD collection was constantly expanding and I owned most of what I wanted to watch.

Most of my favorite TV shows are from the past though so I have them on DVD.  Out of TV shows that are on TV right now, I never feel like I have to watch them when they first air cause I can always catch it later or watch it online.  What I watch that's actually on cable is usually cooking shows or travel shows, some reality TV that makes me hate myself, but really nothing that I would be devastated if I had to live without.

My apartment came with free cable and internet, just like college.  The internet I love, cause that'd be hard to live without, but the cable just is a time-suck.  I watch hours of food network and then wonder where my day went.  I get sucked in the vapid lives of some reality star and then feel an overwhelming need to be productive with my life.  I've been reading consistently less since I've been here because I've become lazy and would rather just watch TV.

In the cable's defense a lot of it has been Netflix, my free month of Netflix is up though so hopefully that'll help.  But I've gotten stuck on shows I've missed out on the last 6 years.  If it didn't come with the apartment I wouldn't pay for cable.  I still don't see the point, it's not something I need.  The internet sure I'd probably do what I used to do with Sprint and pay for it through my cell phone.  I don't use the internet enough at home to justify a huge expense with it.

Hopefully the novelty of it will wear off soon and I can get back to my nookworm standards.

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