Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Once a month is probably enough

And now that I've typed it I'll probably be inspired to write more than that.  But around my move date anniversary I'm always more compelled to write, if for no other reason that to just update on how things are going here.

So April 15th marked my 7th month here in BCS, Tax Day and my dad and stepmom's 13th anniversary.  Since my six month anniversary I've gone home to SA for a full weekend, home for about 24 hours for the Woodzie and been to two theatrical events in BCS.  I turned 28, received a ridiculous number of shoes, got to spend my first full day with Hail since probably before she got pregnant.  I graduated from therapy, after a full year of it, first half in SA, second half here, I'm cured! Mental health is mine!  I've had a really great month.

That 6 month cut off date really just did something to me, it made me wake up and appreciate what I have here.  I have an amazing job, great co-workers, really good new girlfriends from Sunset and a wonderfully supportive family 160 short miles away.  I have finally gotten my reading appetite back and while last year at this time I had read about 30 books, I'm fine that I've only read 9 this year so far.  Last year I was in a completely different place emotionally and I retreated into books.  Now I'm reading because I enjoy it, not because it's an escape.  I've been playing my guitar more and even invested in a giant white board for my wall to try to write.  I've written a few words down I even like some of them, but I'm not sure of the current order.

I'm still waiting to find music here.  I have music in my life through my guitar and the constant stream of Google Music or Pandora I have going, but I need the live music.  The Woodzie only gave me a brief taste and it wasn't enough.  Especially as summer approaches I'm going to need it so much.

This week will be my first Fiesta away from SA.  We're doing a Fiesta Karaoke night at Los Cucos on Thursday, it's like the bastardized form of Fiesta, but I will take it and run with it and Fiesta the hell out of these BCSers.

It gets easier day by day, every day I am reminded thought that I have made the correct decisions in these last 7 months, in the last year.  I know I'm where I'm supposed to be.

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