Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I don't have the decorating gene...

I bought a house!  Well back in April I bought a house, before the wedding, before mama went to the hospital, before my lease was up and before I graduated.  The house was a part of the wedding deal we made with the 'rents.  Instead of having a big big wedding both my parents generously donated towards the down payment of the house.  So with their contributions, my own, help from my grandma and my not too horrible then credit I was able to get a nice little house on the North East side of town.

In May 2010 Bruce and I officially moved in together in a new apartment in the same complex I was already living in, we moved into a 2 bedroom, 2 bath pretty good sized apartment.  7 things went on the walls of that apartment in the year we lived there.  2 posters Bruce wanted, 2 pictures I've had since High School, 2 cork/message boards and one big kissing poster Haley gave me for my old apartment.  That was it!  Nothing else.  To say we never really decorated is a huge understatement, we did nothing to that apartment except live there for a year and make a mess of the living room.  So when we bought the house I knew I was in trouble cause if you're living somewhere for more than a year you really should decorate.  Crap.

We officially moved in on May 21st, we were delayed because mama decided to take a three week vacation in the hospital- she's doing fine now and we were happy to delay our move  for her...really we were happy to cause we hadn't packed a thing as of May 3rd anyway. We took another month to finally get every out of the apartment and on June 19th I turned in our apartment keys!

My step-mom helped us find and get the house and she kept asking me about a housewarming party- I said we'd do it eventually once things settled down.    On June 24th I realized we hadn't unpacked a thing in our house (except our 300 DVDs and part of the kitchen) yet and it was starting to annoy me.  So I made Bruce and I pick a date for our housewarming party.  Since July is also his birthday month (the big 30) and I graduated during mom's vacay in the hospital, I made the executive decision to combine the three in hopes of getting more people to come celebrate.  We picked July 30th because it was still in his b-day month and cause Haley said we had to do it that weekend- she's pregnant and scary and if you don't do what she says she may sit on you.

So with a deadline in mind I started trying to get serious about unpacking.  Then I realized that I'd have to decorate this house as well BEFORE that deadline- or at least start.  I can't have a bunch of people coming over for a party and have absolutely nothing on the walls- cause right now even today with 17ish days to go there is still NOTHING on those walls.  My good friend Jenn has a nack for decorating (apparently she has the decorating gene- B) and has volunteered to help me figure out what the hell I'm doing.  She told me to pick just a couple of rooms to try to get done before the party.  I chose the kitchen, living room and guest bathroom because they're the main rooms that will be seen during the house warming party.

Will I reach my goal? Will my house be unpacked and decorated by the 30th?  I sure hope so, we have more furniture coming in the 24th and then the weekend of the housewarming so hopefully it'll all fit!!!


  1. That sounds like SO MUCH FUN! Sorry it's not fun for YOU! If there's any way I can help, LET ME! Send me photos and I'll decorate long distance!

    Annie Coppock

  2. It's not horrible, I just don't really have a theme- I like a lot of stuff but it isn't cohesive- I know what I want for my kitchen though I want a plate wall and mounted wall shelves for my cookbooks - luckily that room only has two walls so I'm good!