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The Things I Got to Call Work! My First Job 2007-2011

March 2007- January 2011

Here are some memories through pictures and one video of my time at San Antonio college

Trying to be in chronological order...

May 2007- I was able to go with a student organization and Posadas to Monterrey, Mexico.  We took about 30 students and saw museums, the country side and some rural towns where the students taught children English songs and rhymes.  One day a tour bus took us to a park/resort and we were able to either climb up the mountain or take a donkey- Posadas opted for the donkey but I walked and saw beautiful waterfalls.

May 2007 outside of Monterrey Mexico
February 2008- I got to play with an armadillo which was super exciting for me cause I alway thought they carried leprosy.  The were racing the armadillos which I'm sure would upset animal support groups but the handlers assured me they were fine....

February 2008 Armadillo Races at Wild West Rodeo Roundup
April 2008- The Student Activity Fee partially sponsored the production of Beauty and the Beast, Posadas choreographed it and I got to be a part of the ensemble- it was great! Totally reminded me of NESA.  It was fun to go to rehearsal, put on costumes and make-up and perform two weeks in a row- obviously this was before I started grad school...

Spring 2008 Beauty and the Beast
April 2008- For the rewards Banquet Posadas let us bring back a band we liked called Fort Pastor.  They are great guys totally cool and relaxed.  The first time they came in the fall of 2007 I took them on a tour of downtown and we went to the riverwalk.  This time they came was during fiesta so I took them around Market Square, Alamo plaza and back to the riverwalk.  Jono from Australia even wore a SAC t-shirt around all day.  Their favorite restaurant you ask? Dick's Last Resort- we had the same waitress twice!

April 2008 Downtown during Fiesta with the guys from Fort Pastor
May 2008- One of the fun best parts of working at SAC was the traveling I got to go to so many places.  This year I got to go to Washington DC with the ladies from SGA.  I just started bawling at all the memorials so at the Lincoln Monument I put on sunglass to get a pic of me without red eyes.  I loved DC and walked around at night in Dupont Circle without feeling unsafe at all...looking back that probably wasn't the smartest idea...

June 2008 Washington DC view from Lincoln Monument
July 2008- Posadas and I went to a conference in Miami for SGA.  I think we spent more time on the beach and downtown than actually at the conference.  We rented a convertible and drove around downtown.  It was a lot of fun.  Both Posadas and I came back to Texas red as lobsters...the sun is a little stronger down there.

July 2008 view from hotel in Miami, Florida
January 2009- Every January for 3 of my 4 years I went to the APCA Conference in Las Vegas.  One of those years Posadas went with me and we lounged around at Margaritaville inside the Flamingo Hotel.  The first year I went to the conference my mom still lived in Vegas so I stayed with her, the next two years I stayed at the conference hotel the Mirage...the first two years I got into a little too much trouble but by my last one I'd learned better...

January 2009 Margaritaville in Las Vegas, Nevada

May 2009- Back to Florida again for SGA this time with the students in Orlando.  We went to Downtown Disney or Adult Disney as one of the advisor's said and shopped around.  I should have been studying for finals, but this just seemed like a lot more fun.  The sparkly mickey ears were my favorite.

May 2009 Downtown Disney Orlando, Florida

Halloween 2010- Another great part about working at a college is you still get to dress up for Halloween.  My first year I was Little Red Riding Hood, the next year I was Mini Mouse, the third year Posadas, Aaron and I were jail birds and this year the theme was toys but I think I'm the only one that actually played along.

Halloween 2010

May 2007- I know I've already done Mexico but I didn't mention that at the top of the mountain they had bungee jumping.  This is probably my best memory from traveling with SAC.  The guys strapping me in didn't speak English and the first time I tried to go they said "no, no, no" at the last minute and luckily I hadn't jumped yet.  But then they told me to just fall forward so I leaned forward and went....

How many people can go Bungee jumping in Mexico and call it work? I'm gonna miss SAC.  Just looking through all these pictures makes me kinda sad, it was a great 4 years and I'm gonna miss it.  But I know I'll make new memories at UTSA.  I was 21 when I started at SAC and am leaving at 25, I can't stay a kid forever...

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