Monday, August 3, 2009

My Summer is over...and what that means

It's August 3rd and my summer is definitely over. It was actually over last Tuesday on July 28th when New Student Orientation started, but I figured I'd give it till August to be officially through.

What changes?
1- No more drinking during the week (probably not true I'll just reduce it to once during the week and then only on weekends when I'm not working)

2- Fewer Thursday Night Music Clubs- so sad it's true but I have to be alert and awake now on Friday cause we'll have events during the days and evenings and little sleep just wont do- I'll still make some but I'll drastically reduce my attendance

3- Return to school- school starts the last week of August and that means my Monday and Tuesdays will be busy once more. I'm super torn about returning to school, part of me wants to go because I know I'm working towards something good but the other half of me wonders what's the point.

4- Less time to play the guitar- so sad and true because I know I'll be studying for school but also busy with ten times more work that I've had the last 5 months

5- The end of dating season- I try only to date new people in the summer cause I have more free time to get to know someone and once fall hits I really only have time for one date a week and that is sometimes just too slow to get to know someone so whoever I'm dating at the start of fall tends to find this annoying mid September sometimes real winners can stick it out till October but I warn them all cause I know its not fun dating busy people I'd be annoyed too, but I'm too busy to notice sometimes

Summer Regrets/Wishes
1- I wish I'd taken vacation time- I just noticed that I never took any time off this summer to go on vacation or to just do something for me

2- I wish I'd gone to the river more- I went twice but that isn't nearly enough

3- I wish I'd spent more time with my dad- I saw my mom and birth-mom every week but my dad only like once a month

4- I wish I'd read more- I don't have time to read as much in the fall and this summer I didn't take advantage of it enough

5- I wish summer was longer

Last August I was getting ready to just start school and I was really excited about it. I was enjoying my last free month and reading like crazy- that was about the time all those crazy Twilight fans (that I am not a part of) were reading the last book so I went out and a bought all four and read them in four days. I must have taken vacation last summer. I also was stressing about the fact that my sister would be getting married and that there was not going to be enough time to get everything done that needed to be done. My mother was also still in Las Vegas and working on her divorce this time last year. I wasn't dating anyone and Jessica and I had just started doing our weekly dates of hookah and karaoke.

Another school year is about to it Labor Day yet?

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