Thursday, November 24, 2016

My Favorite Gilmore Girls Episodes

Yes I'm 31 and yes I am obsessed with the Gilmore Girls. I was Rory's age during the original run and grew up with her. The show was relatable and funny and real if a bit eccentric and Rory LOVES to read and Lorelai LOVES coffee.  Instant love. I have watched and rewatched the series dozens of times. I have shared the series with many people- friends, family, and unsuspecting significant others (sorry). And even though Rory is probably why I started watching Lorelai is why I continued watching.

So when news of the revival came out not only did I scream, but I then had about 20 people tell me about it because they knew I'd be so I didn't know my friends. I then started listening to the Gilmore Guys podcast that just added to my obsession these last 6 months. It didn't make me love the show any more I still am pretty freakish in my obsession, but it did make me think about it in new and different ways which is totally fun!

So I finished my most recent Gilmore Girls rewatch a little early towards the end of October and then  last week the last Gilmore Guys podcast for Season 7 Episode 22 and still had over a week left before the revival! Then the world almost ended. My family decided we're doing Thanksgiving on Friday- ON FRIDAY OCTOBER 25! The day the new episodes come out! Don't they know that will ruin my life?!?! But that's okay I'll wake up at midnight watch the 6 hours and then make my green beans and go to Thanksgiving...yes I'll be tired but it'll be worth it. SO what to do with my Thanksgiving Day? Watch my favorite 5 episodes you suggest? Okay!

  1. Season 2 Episode 10 The Bracebridge Dinner: I know it's cliche'd but it's fun and snowy and has costumes and lots of townies. All the things you love with a big town shindig episode. Luke and Lorelai early chemistry which is some of their bet early chemistry. Sookie kitchen freak out. Early Jess and Rory chemistry. Emily and Richard looking fabulous- I want Emily's dress suit. It's a fun episode.
  2. Season 3 Episode 9 A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving: Last year I made Hail watch this episode with me while we prepped for Thanksgiving. I've watched this episode probably for 10 years on Thanksgiving. It's so fun. The Gilmore Girls go to 4 Thanksgivings because they have freakish stomachs that allow them to eat the world and never get fat (someone please sign me up). Sookie's Thanksgiving is my favorite she gets drunk because her husband decides to deep fry her organic turkey and she's in denial. It's also one of the best Sookie episodes since her Wedding planning one. The Girls look beautiful and all the sets do too. I love the fall colors. There is a reason they're ending the revival with Fall because it's the Gilmore season. 
  3. Season 4 Episode 2 The Lorelais' First Day at Yale: Copper Boom! Going to college! I remember all these feelings and like Rory I only went to college an hour away from home as well. But it still was sad and I cried when my parents left. But this is fun. Paris, Tana, Yale! It's just a fun feel good episode. AND it changes Gilmore Girls forever- seriously this is a moment in the show where things are never the same because they're not living together anymore. Love.
  4. Season 4 Episode 21 Last Week Fights, This Week Tights: MY FAVORITE EPISODE! Of all time. Lorelai and Luke. LORELAI and LUKE! Renaissance Wedding! Jess! So good. There's a lack of Rory in this one (finals and a bad date) but it's okay because it's all about Lorelai. The Sam Phillips song that Luke and Lorelai dance to is beautiful and makes me cry. This is another episode that changes everything. I would say Season 4 is probably my favorite season, so much build up and potential. But this episode is wonderful and lovely and yay. 
  5. Season 5 Episode 18 To Live and Let Diorama: And I love this episode juts because it's fun. Mr. Twickham dies which isn't the fun part but leads to the creation of the Star Hollows museum and diorama! So Luke has to work with Taylor to help build it and then for the opening Rory and Paris come to town and get drunk with Lane. Fun, fun, fun! It just makes me laugh. The next episode following is also a close 5.5 because it kinda continues where this story is going. 
So not all of these episodes are groundbreaking super important episodes a lot of them are just fun and make me happy. Also I feel like a lot of these besides maybe Last Week Fights, This Week Tights make great introductory episodes to Gilmore if you want to share with friends. LOVE.

The first Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life trailer made me cry and I'm buzzing with anticipation. I will cry so much. I don't think I'll make it 10 seconds. Richard's funeral, all the reunions with the boyfriends. Rory being kinda lost. Lorelai not knowing what happened to her dreams. So many tears! I can't wait.

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