Friday, July 5, 2013

My first duty as President...

I propose the day after the Fourth of July, when not falling on a Saturday or Sunday, to also be a holiday.  Or at the very least only a half day requirements.  (disclaimer: At employers discretion.)

I had a great Fourth of July in College Station! I spent the whole day with my boss and her family.  First we went to the Bush Library & Museum.  Here are a list of things I was reminded about 41 that we all know but probably forget:
  1. He was in WWII (seriously I always forget this)
  2. He and his son were in office 8 years apart! (it just seems so close together)
  3. His passion for cancer research and the Human Genome project comes from losing his first daughter to leukemia
  4. He has a million grandchildren
  5. He too is episcopal
Super cool things to see at his museum
  1. the Gulf war diorama (omg cool)
  2. the Situation Room (Soooo coool)
  3. Bush living room videos (omg Bar & Poppy- so much in love & hilarious together)
  4. WWII wing (cause duh)
  5. oh just go see everything
After the museum we chill'd ate yummy burgers and watched some patriotic A Good Day to Die Hard and A Few Good Men (had to wash the memory of A Good Day to Die Hard out of our brains).  Then we returned to the library to watch the fireworks.  The fireworks were so good! Super fun and a good 25 minutes worth.

All in all it was a great Fourth of July.  Had too much fun just relaxing but also getting to see a lot of great American history at the museum.  Next year the Fourth will be on a Friday I guess meaning I'll probably go home to San Antonio, but I'm sure this wont be my last 4th in College Station, just the first.

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