Monday, May 21, 2012

On the trails with Dr. Liz

My friend Liz and I have been walking in Comanche park on the weekends.  We've been walking early in the morning to beat the heat and usually stay at it for about an hour.  We don't jog, we certainly don't run, we just walk.  The best part about walking and not jogging is you get to talk, outside noises aren't drowned out by the sound of your heart trying to escape through your ears or your running mate hyperventilating next to you.  So yay! Sometimes our conversations are serious, we talk about work, family, life and the history of the Middle East.  Sometimes out conversations are funny we talk about mishaps exercising, vampires with chainsaws, bunnies, undies in envelopes and dating in the Middle East.

Our walk usually lasts about an hour, I think we've done all the paths by now, we like the library trail a lot.  Along the path there are these outdoor exercise machines, pull up bars, step benches and a tai chi wheel thing that we can't figure out.  Obviously these machines are outside and exposed to all of the world's (and sticky children's) elements so we don't want to get too personal with the machines, but it's nice to know they're there.  Apparently this is something that was common in Israel, with outdoor gyms set  up in random places with lots of machines all grouped together.  On the trails at Comanche park  they're spread out every so often on the Library Loop.  

The paths are sometimes overgrown and there is a lot of "nature" out there, large bugs, strange plants, broken heart graffiti,  random paths that leas nowhere into the woods, people way more prepared for hiking than us, wild bunnies, and sounds that we can only attribute to being a vampire with a chainsaw unless its a bunny vampire, which we've decided we're okay with for now.  

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