Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moving Part II: Unpacking Sucks just as much as Packing Does

How come no one ever talks about unpacking sucking? Is it cause moving is actually so horrible that it dwarfs the horrible-ness of unpacking?  I hate unpacking.  My old kitchen was tiny, so why doesn’t my new bigger kitchen want to hold all my pots and pans?   Why do I have 23 blank books? (or what normal people would call journals) 23 is entirely too many.  About 7 of them are filled and others have writing on like 2-3 pages but I don’t know where to put them.  In  my old apartment they were on my bookshelf but since it’s now “our” bookshelf it seems less appropriate.  Needless to say it’s slow going unpacking everything.   While packing the old apartment I found boxes in my outdoor storage that I never unpacked from when I first moved in after college.  It was stuff I obviously didn’t care about so I got rid of most of it- if I hadn’t used it in 3 years it was probably unnecessary anyway.    

So back to Saturday night… 

After I walked into the filled new apartment and realized there was still a hell of a lot more to do before we could say we’ve actually “moved in” I walked through all the rooms of the apartment to assess the situation. 

Dining room: filled with boxes for the kitchen, dining room, living room and extra bar stools that need to find a home

Kitchen: filled with boxes and cleaning supplies

Living room: furniture arranged in a way that is can’t be sat on, flatscreen laying down on the love seat with paw prints on it (made mental note to kill the cat)

Guest bedroom: full of bags and suitcases of clothes! Everywhere clothes and more clothes and a side of clothes!

Bathrooms: every counter top covered and stuff in the sink.

Bedroom: vacant middle space with all the furniture to the extremities of the room and the mattresses leaning against the wall where I couldn’t possibly use them for the desired sleep

LOUD GROAN/SIGHing and moderate crying ensued. 

I cleared off space in the bathroom to find towels and soap and proceeded to take a nice long bath.  Found a cleanish extra large t-shirt threw on some shorts and went and got Taco Cabana.  When I got back to the apartment I found my laptop and cleared off a spot on the couch to sleep.  None of the unpacking was really necessary till the next day anyways.

Bruce came home around 1:30 and helped lay down the mattresses so we could sleep in our new bedroom.  Then on Sunday we ran some errands and began unpacking.  Bruce put together the bedroom set and I started to work on the Guest Bedroom.  That night it was so nice to sleep in our actual bed in our new home.

The rest of this week has been spent very slowly unpacking.  I’m slowly trying to unpack things, little by little.  Everyday after work I give myself a little goal and so far it’s gone pretty good.  The guest bedroom is all set up and that’s good cause we have our first guest this evening.  Bruce’s sister is coming down to pick him up to go to Houston. 

So that means I have the new apartment to myself this weekend.  I’m gonna get serious about unpacking the rest of the kitchen and fixing up the dining room.  I’m just ready to have everything in there settled.  

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