Monday, February 15, 2010

Sookie the Viking Kitty

This weekend Bruce and I got a cat! It is so exciting.  I have been wanting a kitty for a few months now but didn't think I was home enough to take care of one.  But since Bruce is around so much and he loves cats he said he'd help me.

Friday night I decided that I really wanted one and Bruce and I decided we'd get one on Saturday.  I told him to start picking names and I would chose from 3 girl names and 3 boy names.  He chose Boys: Kermit, Gizmo and Yoshi and for a Girl: Bella, Wednesday and Sookie.  I chose Kermit and Sookie.  So Saturday after I got off of work we went out in search of our cat.  We went to the Petsmart on 281 and Bitters and all the cats were older.  So then we tried the one on Dezavala and at first it didn't seem like they had too many.  There were only 4 out in the middle of the store and one was adopted already.  The one I played with first was cute but seemed a little sad and tired after being played with all day. 

Bruce and I were gonna give up and go home but then we went over the Petsmart's permanent adoption center and were looking at about 8 cats there.  We weren't really finding anything we liked until an adoption advocate walked in and asked us what we were looking for.  I told her I wanted a lap cat but that Bruce still wanted one that was kinda playful.  She asked if we cared if it was an older cat and I said this it didn't really matter to me but that I still wanted a somewhat younger cat.  So she said "Let me introduce you to Lisa (soon to be Sookie)." 

She knelt down and opened the cage of an enormous cat.  She started telling us all about her and about how she was probably a mix of Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat and so she wasn't fat (at 17 lbs) she was just big boned.  She told us to get down with her on the ground and see how we liked her.  As soon as we started petting her she got her motor boat going and was so happy.  She purred and purred and after a few minutes she got out of her cage and crawled into Bruce's lap and just rubbed on him.  When the adoption lady came back she asked us what we thought and we unanimously knew that this was our cat.  

So Saturday night we get her home and she goes and hides behind my China cabinet.  She hid there for a few hours then migrated to behind my kitchen trash can.  She hid out most of the evening and when it was time for me to go to bed she was still hiding out in the kitchen.  For some reason throughout the night I kept waking up and at 4 AM I went to the living room where Bruce (the night owl) was still watching Lost episodes.  He told me that at 2 AM he went to take a shower but couldn't cause Sookie had claimed it.  He left her alone and told me if I went in there quietly she might still be in there.  So I go looking for her and she's not in the shower.  I go back to the dining room to look behind the china cabinet, no Sookie and then I look in the kitchen, no sookie.  So I go back to the bathroom and notice that the laundry hamper door is slightly open so I open the door...

...and there she is.  Piled high on top of my towels.  Somehow she opened the door, got inside and closed it again behind her.  I started laughing and just sat there for a while petting her and she seemed totally relaxed and happy.  

I went back to bed and in the morning she was in the same spot.  She hung out in my hamper for most of the night and came out once or twice to eat.  But around 7 o'clock last night she finally came out and laid with me on the couch.  We bonded watching the olympics and when I went to bed she was still out around the apartment playing with Bruce or begging to be scratched.  

She is nothing like I thought I wanted but now I know she's perfect for me.  She is so smart and sweet and I can't wait for her to get more comfortable so she wont feel the need to hide as much.

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